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5 Celebrity Meditation Techniques That Can Help You Reshape Your Life
Oprah Winfrey looking happy and joyful

5 Celebrity Meditation Techniques That Can Help You Reshape Your Life

A lot of people never try meditation because they’re worried they’ll do it wrong. But like making a cup of coffee or cooking a steak, there are actually a lot of different ways to successfully achieve the mindful, spiritual centeredness that meditation can bring.

That’s why the best meditation apps, like Welzen, work around your schedule with simple, subject-specific meditations that you can practice anywhere at any time until you figure out which ones fit you best.

And if you feel like you need some inspiration, why not check out the way some of your favorite celebrities meditate?

Arianna Huffington

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The online journalism mogul uses meditation as a part of her daily routine, putting in “20 to 30 minutes of meditation” every day right before she hops on her stationary bike. When it comes to advice, she recommends starting small and building up from there: “I wish I’d appreciated just how powerful it can be to introduce just five minutes of meditation to your day. Eventually, you can build up to fifteen or twenty… but even just a few minutes will open the door.”

Jeff Weiner

The CEO of LinkedIn took a long time to get into meditation, but once he did it changed his life’s direction forever. “I finally made the point of asking a number of respected friends with long-standing meditation practices how they would suggest getting started … I’m not meditating daily.” The trick, again, was taking in a lot of feedback and figuring out a system that worked specifically for him -- which is exactly what Welzen can do for you.

Oprah Winfrey

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As a TV legend, Oprah, of course, integrates a lot of life advice into her meditation practices: “I wake up to the sound of birds now (what I’ve taken to calling real Twitter). Before getting out of bed, I pause for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the sound.” Oprah also mentions the importance of “being fully present all the time,” again driving home the fact that meditation isn’t about following rules, but listening to yourself.

Katy Perry


Even the notoriously iconoclastic pop star finds a way to integrate meditation into her hectic lifestyle. She learned the Transcendental Meditation technique 5 years ago and even encouraged her crew to learn as well. “It’s a game changer. I feel neuro-pathways open, a halo of lights. And I’m so much sharper. I just fire up!”

Kobe Bryant

Star athletes know that taking care of the mind is just as important as taking care of the body, which is why Kobe meditates every morning: “I try to have at least 15 minutes of still time and just kind of sit in my thoughts in the morning and just kind of meditate. And normally what happens with me is my mind would always drift to the game. Always.”

Five different celebrities, five different styles, but always the same benefits. So if you want to find a way to integrate that meditation in your life, check out this lifetime subscription to Welzen. Normally $149.99, we can offer you this very special deal for just $29.99 -- 80% off.

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