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Healthy Habits Happy Workers: 5 Tips for Boosting Well-Being at Work

Healthy Habits, Happy Worker: 5 Tips for Boosting Well-Being at Work

Most people spend 40 hours plus at work. For some, it is their home away from home. But sitting at a desk every day,...
benefits of meditating every day

7 Benefits of Meditating Every Day

Did you know that some of the top executives in the world meditate? These people are not doing it for religious reasons. More and more...
Yoga meditation in water

I Took a Break From Meditation and the Results Surprised Me

Earlier this year, I attended my first Vipassana retreat. From 4am to 9pm for 10 days, with brief stops for breakfast and...

Why You Should Be Using Reflective Meditation for Accelerated Growth

Meditation has an abundance of practical uses for accelerated personal and spiritual growth. One of the most fruitful practices is deliberate self-reflection....

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