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Jane Fonda

How Jane Fonda Rewrote Her Life With a Third Act

Jane Fonda's long career as an actress and activists includes a lot of wins and as many mistakes. In her third act in her 80s, here's what she's learned.
Mister Rogers

Who Was Mister Rogers Really When the Cameras Turned Off?

Mister Rogers inspired millions of children to be their best selves, but what was the famous TV host really like behind the scenes?

How My Daily Commute Changed My Life

Forty-five minutes each way -- on days when it wasn’t snowing. Over a winding mountain pass surrounded by lakes, aspen trees,...

Hero of the Week: David Attenborough Dedicates His Last Years to Saving the Planet

An icon across four generations, he’s the voice that everyone instantly recognizes: David Attenborough has delighted, entertained, educated and inspired countless people...

7 Signs You Found Your Life’s Calling (And What To Do If You Haven’t...

It seems so easy for some people: they go to school and know the focus to choose. Then, they graduate and know...

4 Ways to Disrupt Mindless Routines and Find Your Joy Again

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of mindlessness in your life. Whether it’s going through the motions or getting into a...

3 Lessons from Einstein’s Ideas and Opinions on Living a Meaningful Life

If Twitter had been around when Einstein was alive, he likely would have been an avid tweeter. Think about that for a moment. Don’t believe...

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