Woman Reunites With Her Parents 25 years After She Was Kidnapped At Birth

Belle Barbu always knew she was from Romania. When she decided to find her biological family, she discovered just how tragic the story of her birth is. Luckily, neither her nor her parents ever stopped looking for each other.

How To Combat Body Image Issues Without Actually Changing Your Body

For many, quarantine has caused some old demons to resurface, including issues with body image and weight. In these times, we can easily forget that our bodies are more than just our physical appearances.

This Cashier Spent Her Last $20 To Pay For A Customer’s Items–And Got $10...

Rita Jackson Burns has been working as a cashier at the same Walgreens for 38 years. When a customer forgot her wallet, she didn't hesitate to give her last $20 to help her out and her act of kindness was not forgotten.

What Happened To Paris Hilton? The Dark Truth Behind Her Princess Life

Most people know Paris Hilton as the party-loving socialite from the early 2000s. Not many would ever suspect that behind the fun-loving facade, Paris is a survivor of abuse determined to make a difference in the world.

25 Single Quotes to Celebrate Self-Love and Self-Discovery

Sometimes being single is exactly what you need in order to learn how to enjoy your own company. Here are 25 single quotes to celebrate self-love and self-discovery.
Jane Fonda

How Jane Fonda Rewrote Her Life With a Third Act

Jane Fonda's long career as an actress and activists includes a lot of wins and as many mistakes. In her third act in her 80s, here's what she's learned.
Mister Rogers

Who Was Mister Rogers Really When the Cameras Turned Off?

Mister Rogers inspired millions of children to be their best selves, but what was the famous TV host really like behind the scenes?

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