How to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Talents

It’s hard not comparing yourself to another. We look at others and admire their strength, confidence, courage, or their beauty. Or maybe it’s their intelligence, resourcefulness,...

Tony Robbins – Serve Something Greater Video

Tony Robbins - Serve Something Greater Video Transcript: "Any state that's a beautiful state is really the core essence of who you are without fear. The...

11 Free Personality Tests that Will Help You Find Your Purpose

Have you seen those ‘Which Disney character are you?’ quizzes floating around online? They are wildly popular, and for good reason. We love to explore potentially...
Amy Poehler: Find Happiness Helping Othersvideo

Amy Poehler: Find Happiness Helping Others

Amy Poehler - Be of Service Amy Poehler reminds us of all the children in the world who have nothing, and urges us to find...

Hero of the Week: David Attenborough Dedicates His Last Years to Saving the Planet

An icon across four generations, he’s the voice that everyone instantly recognizes: David Attenborough has delighted, entertained, educated and inspired countless people...

Claire Wineland Dies at 21 and Leaves Beautiful Message

Claire Wineland - Change the World Cystic fibrosis activist reveals the most important lesson she learned while living her life in a hospital room. Her...

What Happened To Paris Hilton? The Dark Truth Behind Her Princess Life

Most people know Paris Hilton as the party-loving socialite from the early 2000s. Not many would ever suspect that behind the fun-loving facade, Paris is a survivor of abuse determined to make a difference in the world.

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