25 Single Quotes to Celebrate Self-Love and Self-Discovery

Sometimes being single is exactly what you need in order to learn how to enjoy your own company. Here are 25 single quotes to celebrate self-love and self-discovery.

The Four Agreements You Must Know If You Don’t Think You Deserve Love

Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, 'The Four Agreements' will teach you how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs that may cause you to think you don't deserve love.

I Realized My Relationship With My Mother Was Actually Toxic And Learned to Parent...

Not everyone is blessed with a good mother and unfortunately, the consequences of growing up with a toxic parent can have lasting effects into adulthood.
Jane Fonda

How Jane Fonda Rewrote Her Life With a Third Act

Jane Fonda's long career as an actress and activists includes a lot of wins and as many mistakes. In her third act in her 80s, here's what she's learned.
Change couple in water

The 6 Stages of Change To Create the Life You Want

Meaningful change is intimidating. What happens when we realize jobs, relationships, or lives aren’t what we want in our heart of hearts?
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Has Moved Beyond Body Positivity– and You Should Too

During her first interview since her relapse, Demi Lovato opened up about strength, body acceptance and new projects for her fans that are yet to come.
Emma Watson

What Emma Watson Really Means When She Says She’s “Self-Partnered”

Emma Watson caught the world's attention when she used the term "self-partnered" to describe her relationship status, but the fervor around her phrasing obscures the real value of what she was saying.

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