The man was also celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary.

The golden years are supposed to be just that — golden. After spending your younger years working hard, raising a family and laying down roots, we hope that our retirements will be stress free and full of fun.

However, sometimes the golden years are dark and full of turmoil. You never know when misfortune will strike.

An elderly farmer named Joe lost everything in what was supposed to be the best time of his life. He was utterly devastated until he met a kind stranger who helped him turn things around.

How One Elderly Farmer and His Wife Lost Everything

Joe and his wife Judy lost their farm and all of their cattle during one of the most devastating tornadoes in the history of their rural area. 

Joe had always dreamed of being a livestock man. For many years, he had lived his dream, raising cattle and tending to his beloved farm.

It was only when he was 79 years old that his farm was destroyed. 

Charlie Rocket, who has over a million subscribers on YouTube and TikTok, heard Joe’s story and decided he had to do something special for him.

He brought his followers, nicknamed the “Army of Love” together and raised $25,000 to help Joe and his family rebuild their life

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He wrote Joe a letter to surprise him:

“Dear Joe, From all of our TikTok & Instagram followers…We want to help rebuild your farm…We are giving you $25,000! Much love, The Army of Love.”

Joe read the letter and broke down in tears, thanking Charlie for his kind gesture. 

Then, Charlie’s Army of Love found something out about Joe that they couldn’t ignore.

The very next day he would be celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary with his wife Judy. 

The Second Surprise One Social Media Star Gave a Farmer

Charlie was immediately struck by the love in Joe’s eyes when he mentioned his wedding anniversary. Even after all of the tragedy, it was clear how enamored and excited the farmer was when he mentioned his wife.

Of course, there was also profound sadness. Judy, Joe explained, couldn’t make herself drive by the farm to witness the destruction that had turned her life and her home upside down.

All she wanted was her home back.

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Charlie and the Army of Love couldn’t give Joe and Judy their home back, but they could throw them an epic 60th anniversary party!

The Army of Love rented out a restaurant, hired some amazing musicians, and invited Joe and Judy’s whole family to an anniversary party. 

The whole family partied the night away, listening to their favorite songs and just simply spending time celebrating together. At the end of the night, the Army of Love asked the couple what the secret to 60 years of marriage was.

Joe and Judy’s answer? 

“Don’t die.”

How One Farmer Proved the Importance of Positivity

Joe and Judy were both positive, excited and grateful to be celebrating their love in such an unexpected way. 

Despite losing everything, their love and their optimism kept them going and inspired everyone around them.

Take a page from the old farmer’s book and don’t let the hard times bring you down. You always have your family and friends, occasions to celebrate, and hope for a brighter future.