Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man.

If you think superheroes only exist in comic books and epic movies, this guy is here to prove you wrong.

In a heart-stopping moment, a real-life Spider-Man came to save the day in eastern China’s Jiangsu province when a toddler fell out of a fourth-floor apartment window and was sitting precariously on a ledge.

As onlookers helplessly watched the terrifying scenario unfold an unnamed man casually scaled the building WITH HIS BARE HANDS to reach the crying child.

The “amazing” feat was caught on camera by a nearby bystander.

Chinese “Spider-Man” Arrives Just in Time

The incredible footage shows the toddler standing on a ledge after falling from an open window two floors above it. His father (presumably) is in the upstairs window attempting to figure out how to rescue the child.

Suddenly, a Chinese man, dressed in a grey shirt, black pants, and red sneakers and using some mad parkour skills shimmies up a drain pipe. He quickly scales the building until he reaches a small ledge adjacent to the boy.

The stranger hops nimbly across a gap and reaches the child. He scoops him up in his arms, giving him a reassuring smile.

The hero then coordinates with the man in the window to throw down a rope, which he ties around the frightened boy’s body. Together they hoist the boy back up, returning him safely home.

Once the toddler is safely ensconced in his parents’ arms, the brave man brushes his hands like it’s no big deal that he just saved a toddler’s life and proceeds to return to the ground the same way he left it.

Just like the true superhero he is, the man didn’t stick around for any fanfare, quietly leaving the scene and disappearing out of sight.

The heart-pounding rescue lasted all of one minute and 24 seconds. It was shared on social media by the South China Morning Post. Take a look:

According to the news outlet the boy only suffered a few scratches. And while his rescuer may not have been wearing a mask, his identity still remains a mystery.

Commenters “Marvel” at The Heroism and Bravery of the Unknown Man


It’s not every day that you see a real-life Spider-Man in action, literally scaling a building to perform a daring rescue.

Social media commenters praised the man for his actions.

“That man needs to be commended! Great job!” one man wrote.

Another commenter said, “Well Done, Sir!”

And another gave a shout-out to the creators of Spider-Man himself, “Marvel Universe, we have a new character for you…Quick, get this man an agent.”

Thanks to the quick-thinking and brave actions of a stranger who was moved to act in a moment of crisis, a little boy was saved.

If he hadn’t shown up when he did, the situation could have turned tragic. Instead, the toddler and his parents have a unique story to share about their very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.