A chance encounter with the Hollywood actor completely turned a houseless man’s life around.

In Hollywood, there is a common misconception that celebrities are arrogant and self-centered. However, that’s not completely true. Sometimes celebrities can surprise us by committing acts of kindness that can drastically change a person’s life.

This is one such story of actor Colin Farrell who did something not many people would do – he treated a homeless man with respect, proving the power of compassion.

Colin Farrell treated the man like a friend

Colin Farrell was at the Toronto International Music Festival in 2007 when he encountered a houseless man named David on the curb of a local restaurant.

Instead of ignoring the man, Farrell asked the man for a cigarette and sat down to chat.

“Him reaching out [to] me through the years of my journey somehow gave me a good lift of hope.”


“I didn’t know who he was,” said David in a 2012 Global News report. “I just thought he was a regular human being.”

As the two were chatting like longtime buddies, Farrell passed David a book called The Voice of God by the Persian poet Hafiz and a wad of cash for a new wardrobe. He also said he’d pay for a nice place to stay for a year and promised to check up on David via text.

The homeless man bounced back thanks to Farrell

Five years later, David is back on his feet and no longer homeless and he credits Farrell for helping him get there.

“He’s a down-to-earth guy. He’s willing to help you out. If you show respect it goes a long way,” David told the news camera. “I haven’t been homeless now in 5 years and that’s a blessing.”

David explained that his key to staying off the curb is to watch his boundaries.

“I’ve changed in so many different ways. Mainly more stable, more calm.”


“People, places and things. And staying around healthy people that are more positive, not negative, is key.”

David finished the interview by giving praise to the man who helped him.

“He’s a very kind person Colin, he’s very considerate,” he said.

Treat those who are struggling with respect

Beyond being a testament to Farrell’s character, this story proves how important it is to show respect and care to those that are struggling around us. We might not be able to hand a homeless person a wad of cash and money for an apartment, but we can treat them like a friend.

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No matter their station in life, everyone is human and deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.