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Considerate Man Finds Purse Containing $8,000 and Does Right Thing When He Sees Woman Crying
Shuttle Bus Driver Mark Trocchio
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Considerate Man Finds Purse Containing $8,000 and Does Right Thing When He Sees Woman Crying

We never want to lose our money or valuables – but when we’re traveling, it’s extra scary.

Being in an unfamiliar place with no money is a nightmare. This nightmare recently happened to one woman traveler, but a considerate shuttle driver did the right thing, and saved her vacation.

Mark Trocchio of TransAction Corporate Shuttles told CBS Boston that he stopped for breakfast in Cambridge, Massachusetts and discovered a lost purse. He looked inside the purse for identification, and noticed it was filled with $8,000, airplane tickets and credit cards.

Many people would have kept the money. That kind of money can change a life, but this man did the right thing and found the owner.

“There was a time in my life when I would have never tried to give that back,” he told CBS Boston. “But I’m just glad I’m over that hump.”

He first searched for the owner of the purse inside the Dunkin' Donuts where he was having breakfast— and noticed a woman crying in the corner with two children.

He then called out the name written on the ID inside the purse and the woman responded! The plane tickets inside the purse were for her flight home. She offered to give the shuttle driver a reward but he refused it.

The mom also told her kids that Trocchio's actions were "a good example of what being a Bostonian is all about." But Trocchio said he just knows that awful feeling of losing your wallet.

“Mine didn’t have $8,000 in it though," he joked to CBS Boston, "mine had about $8 in it."

Maybe finding the rightful owner of that purse wasn't the most convenient thing to do. But Trocchio chose integrity over convenience, inspiring us all with his good deed.


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