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Costco Employee Found a Child’s Unique Christmas Wish List and Decided to Buy Every Single Thing on There
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Costco Employee Found a Child’s Unique Christmas Wish List and Decided to Buy Every Single Thing on There

Eric Barragan was so impressed with the Christmas wish list he found, he decided to complete it.

While it’s common for children to write Christmas wish lists, the one Eric Barragan found was special. Barragan, a Costco employee, was picking up litter outside the store when something caught his attention.

He picked up a piece of crumpled paper and noted the juvenile penmanship. It was a Christmas list. The list had six items typically found on a child’s list, but the other two things really surprised Barragan.

The list included shirts, Minecraft figures, Hot Wheels (but only two), a horror video game called “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” a wallet and a Gamestop gift card. The other two things, however, were heartwarming and special.

The fourth item said “Bringing peace and joy to the world” and the seventh item was “Just love.”

How A Costco Employee Made One Family's Christmas Special

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Barragan was so impressed he knew he needed to complete the list.

“Most kids don’t ask for those things, and I thought that was pretty special,” Barragan told CBS Los Angeles.

Barragan bought everything on the list including new pairs of shirts and Hot Wheels (not just 2, but an entire set). He even got him a $15 gift card.

There was only one problem; he didn’t know who wrote the note or where he lived.

He took to social media to find the boy.

Someone who knew the family recognized the name scribbled on the list and put Barragan in touch with a boy named Julian Huey.

Thanks to the help of strangers, Barragan made a special Christmas delivery. In addition to the gifts for Julian, he brought presents for the boy’s siblings and some money for the family.

Imagine how surprised Julian was when he realized that because he lost his list, he was getting everything he wanted. Or almost everything. While Barragan can’t bring peace and joy to the world, he is spreading love.

Julian’s family was grateful for the act of kindness. His mom, Michele Huey, explained that times were tough for her large family as they rely on a single military pension.

“I think I spent the first half of the last 24 hours just in shock,” Huey told CBS Los Angeles.

Julian Proves He's As Sweet As His Christmas List

“It’s still not everything that I wanted,” Julian said. “All I want, mostly, my biggest thing is a big heart to love everyone and bring joy to the world.”

Julian, though, said his list still wasn't complete.

It seems that Julian already has “a big heart" and Barragan will be reminded of that thanks to a note the boy hand delivered.

“Dear Eric and family thank you to everyone in the family. God bless, have peace and love and have a great Christmas. Thank you,” Julian wrote in the note.

“It’s just his personality. He’s just a sweet kid. He’s just got a really nice soul."

Goodheartedness is the stone in the pond that creates a thousand ripples.

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