Dalai Lama – Sources of Our Strength

The Dalai Lama talks about the importance of humility, honesty and truthfulness with one’s self, and says that compassion and determination are the true sources of our strength.


Don’t care for what the others are saying. Even one say too much praise. Then at that time, should think, ‘Oh, I also have the critics.’ Then, one say a lot of criticism and you should think, ‘Oh, some people praising me.’ So, it doesn’t matter.

“Too much though, because all the big, much attention. These things are silly. So, my own motivation or thinking is honest, sincere. That’s important.

“A lot of problem bound to face, bound to happen. However, most of these problems essentially our own creation. Therefore logically, we also have the ability to minimize this problem or some cases, to work on this problem.

“Your determination, your willpower, that’s much based on self-confidence. So in order to develop self-confidence, truth, honest, truthful, honesty, these are teaching and transparent. There was key point.

“So, please keep in your mind, education, knowledge. Meantime, warmheartedness and willpower, determination, more compassionate, these are I think sources of our strength.”