Harry Potter still is magical…

Many movie fans have grown up with Daniel Radcliffe, in a way.

The Harry Potter star certainly had his magic on hand as he surprised fans at a movie premiere at a Los Angeles theatre.

People thought they were doing an interview about Radcliffe’s new movie but they were in for a huge surprise

Watch How Daniel Radcliffe Completely Surprises a Bunch of His Fans

BuzzFeed Video/YouTube

In what the Harry Potter star called “a cunning and hopefully joyful act of deception,” Daniel Radcliffe decided to surprise several of his fans following the premiere screening of his 2013 movie, What If.

Movie fans thought they were gathering to do short post-movie interviews about their reactions to the film but the London-born actor had a different plan in store.

In a hilarious and heartwarming BuzzFeed Video, the actor catches fans completely off-guard, many of whom were gasping and yelling after meeting the A-list star.

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What’s more, Radcliffe didn’t stop at just surprising his fans. He hugged all of them and engaged in friendly banter.

He admitted it “feels kind of bad doing this to so many people,” but you can see the reactions are all pure and genuine.

Check out the reactions yourself:

The English actor, now 33 years old, enjoyed an immense boost to fame in 2001 when he was cast as the wildly popular titular character in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

At the time, he was just 12 years old and essentially cemented his career by starring in all seven franchise sequels over the next decade-plus.

But clearly, starring as the lead in a billionaire-dollar movie franchise hasn’t gone to his head, the former child star still has enough empathy to surprise his fans with face-to-face introductions and plenty of hugs.

The Joy Spread Across the Globe

The live audience members weren’t the only people who had a kick out of the surprise.

On YouTube, the comments were resoundingly positive, with the top comment noting, “I smiled like an idiot throughout the whole video.”

Other people shared their experiences meeting Radcliffe in real life, many of whom confirmed that he is “really down to earth” like he is in the video.

“If all of humanity were at least 50% Daniel Radcliffe, we’d be living in a joyous, Utopian world right now,” said one YouTube comment.

You really never know who or what type of situation you’ll find yourself in during a trip to Los Angeles, huh?

Way to go, Daniel, maybe you really are a wizard after all.


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