Taco shop in Illinois flooded after store owner’s daughter’s TikTok captures attention of millions.

Although social media may seem overwhelmingly negative at times, it also has the unmatched power to bring people together. This holiday season, one Illinois taco shop owner reaped the rewards of her daughter’s TikTok account.

Recently, the daughter of Glenview, Illinois taco shop “Taco-Bout-Joy’s” owner captured a video of her mom and posted it with little expectation. The clip showed her mother, Joy, waiting by the door of her restaurant for customers to enter, along with a caption that read: “It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door everyday waiting for a customer to walk in”.

Shortly after, the video took off. Likes and comments began to flow in to Isabel’s account as well as customers into the store.

Online Success Led to Real World Results

Two days after posting the viral video, Isabel went back to TikTok to update her new found community with all that’s transpired at Taco-Bout-Joy’s. “I want to thank everybody for the love and support the last few days” she says, “Its been incredible! We’re all super tired but it’s been very worth it.”

She went on to explain that up until the viral video, it was only her an her mom managing the restaurant on a daily basis. Because of the increase in business, Joy’s shop now has nine employees to help get orders out quickly. 

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It is amazing how an app can instantly bring new life to a place with little hope. “The algorithm is algorithming. The tacos are so good. The hour drive was worth it.” One commenter writes. Another said, “This makes me happy. You thought you couldn’t give her customers and look what you did for her. I love seeing the internet work in a positive way”.

Joy’s new fans are showing support online, as well as showing up to try the tacos themselves.

The Positive Side of Social Media

At the time of writing, Taco-Bout-Joy’s TikTok account has over 290k followers and 10 million likes. Joy and Isabel have tons of new customers and show no signs of slowing down. The app did a perfect job of reaching potential customers in the Illinois region as well as across the United States.

Now, when the shop have updates for the public, they can easily get their message to a large group of people with the click of a button.

Not only did the post increase their business for a couple of days, but it brought them a lasting voice to help Joy realize her vision. Owning a business is difficult, and chain restaurants see the bulk of returning customers.

Joy and Isabel probably went through countless attempts at bringing more attention to their shop, whether it was through posters, word-of mouth, or conventions. Posting a Christmas wish through desperation proved to be a successful and unexpected marketing tactic.

With a large part of social media being negative, it’s wonderful to see good people benefit from the positive side of what the internet can do. Taco-Bout-Joy’s is flooded, and there are countless other examples of similar overnight sensations everywhere in the world.

Now, Joy, Isabel and the rest of the team have to get to work!


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