Dr. Deepak Chopra is a wellness expert and the king of the alternative medicine space, so it’s no surprise he spends his average Sunday doing yoga, walking and doing a lot of reflecting.

 “Sunday is a day of reset. It’s not a day of obligations,” he said. “There’s nothing that important if you miss it,” he told the New York Times.

Practicing both mental and physical health

While it’s a day of reset, he actually does a lot.  He’s up at 5 am, and spends the first two hours of his day sitting in bed meditating.  I practice body and breath awareness while asking myself, “How can I have the most joyful day?” he told The Times.

Then, from 7:30-8:30, he practices yoga, followed by not one but three cups of coffee.

Around 9:30, he’ll join his wife for a two-hour walk around New York City. They try to walk a minimum of 5 miles each time.  Then, he’ll have lunch with his wife before spending the afternoon having some solo reflection time while his “more social” wife may go to the movies or a museum with friends.

Making time for creative projects

Next, he will work on the book he’s currently writing (his 89th!) and then do some leisure reading before taking some notes of his thoughts or preparing for upcoming lectures.

 I write or jot down notes that have been incubating in my head for the next 30 minutes. Or I prepare for a talk I’m giving.

Next, he’ll end the afternoon with a short meditation on his day which will end just about when his wife comes home and they will share their afternoon with each other, then have a light dinner before a second pre-bed walk around the neighborhood and reading up on the news before going to sleep around 9 and doing a final Yoga practice in bed.

Wow…that’s a full day for a day of quiet reflection!