Demi Lovato – Stand Up

Demi Lovato shares her painful experience of being bullied in school, and talks about the importance of standing up to bullies whenever you see them.


Somebody’s older sister had said that I looked heavy and that I should start throwing up. 

“I was changing my clothes in the locker room, and all of the other girls came in. A lot of the girls, especially the bully-type girls in the school that were bigger than I was, that were taller, that were ready to fight. I ran out of the locker room, and I went upstairs. I just remember huddling in one of the bathroom stalls and hearing the other girls running up and down the hallway looking for me. If someone had done something and said ‘Hey are you okay?’ or ‘Is there any way I can help?’ or stood up for me in that moment when I was in the locker room, and everyone was ganging up on me, I think that I wouldn’t have been affected as hard as I was with the bullying if somebody had done that.

“It’s important for every bystander to know that they have a purpose because they have the potential to maybe possibly even save somebody’s life. If you see something going on in front of you, that’s not right. You should stand up for what you believe in. You could be a hero for somebody if you stand up for someone.”