Dr. Chima Matthew pumped up the volume and started dancing to put his patient and her sisters at ease.

It’s a doctor’s job to take care of their patients, but one doctor from the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, took extra steps to comfort his patient Autumn Moses and her sisters.

How One Doctor Reacted to a Nervous Little Girl

Autumn was visiting Dr. Chima Matthew because of a strep throat, and her mom had brought along Autumn’s sisters, Winter and Kristlynn. As they waited for the doctor the girls started to get nervous. That’s when Dr. Matthew started dancing to lighten the mood.

He pulled out his phone and put on Ayo & Teo’s hit song “Rolex.” He led the way with the song’s signature dance moves and the girls followed along.

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Their mom recorded the interaction.  

The hospital shared the video to Facebook, and it has been viewed over 11 million times and earned over 17 comments from people all over the world. “Two minutes out of his life made a lasting impression on ours,” the mother said.

Commenters praised Dr. Matthew for his actions and more of his patients came forward to share how great he is.

“My 6-year-old has seen him a few times, and he was the same way with him, absolutely amazing!! He even knew I was nervous and he did all he could to make me laugh!!!” one patient shared.

Another doctor also went viral for his calming skills. Tony Adkins, a 43-year-old physician assistant at Children’s Hospital of Orange County has earned the title of “Dancing Doc,” for turning the hospital into a dance floor to help his patients just be kids and forget their illnesses for a little while.

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“Practicing in neurosurgery means I see some of the worst things that can take place for a child. In an area of medicine where the stakes are high and the spirits often low, I believe it’s important to create an outlet for kids to have fun because laughter and silliness is one of the best doses of medicine I can provide to patients,” Tony Adkins wrote in a MedPage Today blog.

Dr. Adkins shares his dance videos on Instagram, where people thank him for his love for kids.

All doctors need to steal a dance move from these two.


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