A toddler’s laugh can light up a room, but their cries make can clear one! It’s not their fault, but the thing is, with a fussy toddler? No one’s happy.

Most strangers can’t help but stare and most parents can’t help but feel ashamed for not being able to get their little one to “behave.”

Which is exactly what happened to one woman, when she was living a mom’s nightmare — a crying toddler in the massive check out line.

Thankfully one cashier saved the day in the cutest way possible.

When Things Go Wrong at the Worst Time

Mary-Ann Byrnes, 38, was just trying to get out of the house and get her nagging errands done when the chore took a turn for the worst.

It’s no secret that taking your toddler out for a day of adult fun (errands, errands, and more errands) is a gamble. You’re always forced to do two things at once.

Trying to put a cheque through at the bank? Whatever you do, don’t stop bouncing that baby.

When Byrnes went to the local Dollar Tree with little Mary-Ann — yes the two Byrnes Girls are twinning with their names — she was trying get in and out as quick as possible.

Little Mary-Ann was growing restless and Byrnes was trying keep everything together before she threw a tantrum.

The mother made it all the way to the check out counter unscathed! If only it ended there.

Of course, it didn’t.

She Threw a Temper Tantrum at the Checkout Counter

Because life loves to throw a wrench our way every once in a while, this wasn’t just a regular Dollar Tree.

No. It was a jam-packed Dollar Tree with a line the size of the Great Wall of China trailing behind Byrnes!

She was flush with embarrassment as she tried to shush her little girl who was screaming bloody murder because, duh — that’s the unofficial job of toddlers everywhere.

This was the one time Byrnes couldn’t manage to do two things at once. She couldn’t soothe her little girl and unload her groceries at the same time.

Thankfully, someone with a little more experience stepped in.

This Amazing Cashier Had the Magic Touch

cashier letting little girl scan items at check out
Mary Ann Byrnes (@maryannbyrnes), TikTok

Fatimah Leftwich was one Dollar Tree cashier who knew the power of “staying in her lane” — in the best way.

At the first signs of struggle, this incredible cashier asked Byrnes if she had her permission to take over.

Without even thinking, Byrnes said yes.

Instantly, Leftwich got creative. She used the tools she had at her disposal and the results couldn’t have been better!

This definitely wasn’t Leftwich’s first rodeo. She knew all this toddler needed was a little stimulation. Something to distract her from her out-of-control nerves.

With total control and confidence, she picked Miss Mary-Ann up, rested her on her side, and gave this little girl a big girl job.

In the sweetest moment captured on video, Leftwich and Little Miss Byrnes scan the grocery items together while Byrnes loads the conveyor belt — talk about team work!

Watch Mary-Ann Byrnes’ Video:

@maryannbyrnes We need more angels like this in the world! Thank you Fatimah! #dollartree #dollarstore #actsofkindness #toddlersoftiktok #toddlermom ♬ original sound – Mare

Byrnes’ video amassed over 314K views on TikTok. The sweet moment went viral and TikTokers couldn’t get enough!

One user @cherlaluna even gave a shout out to Leftwich who quickly became her new hometown hero, “This is my Dollar Tree and she needs to be protected at all costs!”

It’s safe to say, Leftwich definitely has the maternal touch!

They Were Both Having a Long Day — But They Ended It With a Round of Smiles

Byrnes’ story seems like such a simple problem on the surface with a fairly easy solution, but a closer look proves there’s more than meets the eye.

Chances are, a lot of us would have clammed up in Byrnes’ position. Yes, we would have gotten through it, but it definitely would have put a kink in our day.

In the same breath, many of us in Fatimah Leftwich’s position may not have thought to act in the same way. Sometimes we may think we’re being respectful by “staying out of it,” but that often does more harm than good.

A situation as silly as a temper tantrum can make being a parent feel like the most impossible job in the world; a job that we can literally never retire from?!

If nothing else, Leftwich let Byrnes know — it wasn’t that serious. Toddlers cry one minute and they’re giggling the next.

When she needed it most, Leftwich reminded this mom she wasn’t alone. Sometimes that’s all we can do — and it’s more than enough.