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91-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Can Finally Retire Her Cashier Job - All Because She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands
91-Year-Old Great Grandmother Finally Gets to Retire After Her GoFundMe Raises $80K

91-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Can Finally Retire Her Cashier Job - All Because She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

The nonagenarian has spent nearly three-quarters of a century working.

Betty Glover dreamed of retiring. And no doubt, at 91 years old she has spent more than 70 YEARS working at least one job. Sometimes two. Born during the Great Depression, she started working at the age of 20 after getting an accounting degree at Fresno State and hasn't stopped.

Over the years Glover has worked in a bakery and an ad agency, dealt blackjack, run a restaurant with her late husband, and worked for a roofing company.

Most recently, while pushing 80, she got a job as a cashier at the local WinCo grocery store in South Medford, Oregon.

“It was back when you filled out the old paper applications. I was already in my 70s, so I figured there was no way they were gonna hire me, but they did,” Glover told the Rogue Valley Times.

But now, she's starting to slow down and she'd like to spend her final years watching her great-grandchildren and even her great-great-grandchildren grow up.

91-Year-Old Grocery Cashier Starts Her Own GoFundMe

91-year-old grocery cashier
Betty Glover/GoFundMe

Unfortunately, like so many seniors, Glover didn't have the financial means to retire. That is, until now.

Taking matters into her own hands, the nonagenarian, with the help of one of her granddaughters, launched a GoFundMe campaign with an initial goal of $40,000.

Titled, "Help me retire please," she wrote:

"I am a great-grandmother of almost 92, still checking groceries at WinCo. Although I love my customers and the people I work with, I would like to retire. I really need to retire as my eyesight is failing due to macular degeneration."

Glover went on to explain that in order to have enough money to cover her monthly bills, including groceries and medications, she needed to pay off the fifth wheel she lives in. "Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated," she wrote.

Nearly 3,000 people answered her plea for help and my faith in humanity has officially been restored.

Grocery Cashier Raises Over $80K and Can Finally Retire

Donations have come pouring in and as of this writing, the GoFundMe has raised more than double the asking. So far it's at a whopping $86,970.

“I never even thought I’d make $40,000. It really is heartwarming, and it makes me want to cry,” she said.

“I didn’t even know how to do a GoFundMe. My granddaughter did it for me, but I thought, ‘Nobody’s gonna do anything. Nobody cares about others anymore.’ I think all my co-workers have contributed and a bunch of my regulars,” she added.

Glover is beyond grateful. And the best news of all? She's finally able to retire. In fact, she's already given her notice. Her last day will be May 1st. 3 weeks before she turns 92.

In an update on her GoFundMe, she wrote:

"Thanks to all of your support and generosity, my last day in the check stand at WinCo will be May 1st! I am still amazed at the outpouring of support and kindness. Thank you all so much."

Americans are Working Longer and Retiring Later

The harsh reality is that Betty Glover is not alone. According to the latest data from the Natixis Global Retirement Index, 59% of Americans said they will have to keep working past 65. While "36% believe that they will never have enough money to be able to retire."

Additionally, the report found that roughly 41% said their ability to be financially secure in retirement is “going to take a miracle.”

Thankfully for Glover, she found her miracle. And she's excited for what comes next.

“When you’re 30, 90 feels like forever. Somebody said to me, ‘Well, you’re always so upbeat.’ I said, well, yes, I don’t sit around and think about dying. I think about living. And I think about what exciting things are gonna happen tomorrow."

“I look forward to tomorrow … I always have.”

And now, thanks to the power of community and a collective act of kindness, she has even more to look forward to.

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