“She’s alive!”

Technology definitely has its drawbacks, but for some it has opened up new worlds. For one aging veteran, it even helped him see his late wife one more time.

Jake Larson of Martinez, California, lost his wife of over 50 years in 1991. The World War II veteran, whom his family knows as “Papa Jake,” is now 98 years old, and thanks to some innovative new technology, was able to see his wife’s face again.

How One Veteran Reacted When He Saw His Dead Wife Again

Thanks to an app called Deep Nostalgia, he was able to animate old photographs, and see them come to life. According to the company’s website, the app allows users to “animate the faces in your family photos with amazing technology” and “experience your family history like never before!”

The app is made by a company called MyHeritage, and uses artificial intelligence to add life to old photos, which Jack’s granddaughter did to photos of his late wife Lola. The two met after Jack returned from World War II, and were happily married until she passed away from cancer. Check out the heartwarming footage below.

When Papa Jake sees his Lola’s face on the screen, shock spreads quickly across his own. “She’s alive!” he exclaims. The old photograph of Lola now shows her looking around, her eyes shifting across the screen and head swaying at the neck, as if it was a video of her.

Jake’s granddaughter set it all up, and also included a photo of the two of Jack with Lola, which immediately makes the man emotional. “This past November 23, we would have been married 75 years,” he said. “And I still love her.”

After 20 years without the love of his life, Jack was finally able to see Lola again, even if behind a screen. This experience must have been jarring for the man, to whom the laptop he is viewing the photos on is even a relatively foreign innovation.

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The video made waves online, where it melted the hearts of thousands.

One viewer wrote: “Technology has really become something else entirely, I’m glad these people get to, in one way or another, see their loved ones again, just having the picture move and sway and blink brings so much life to what was just a 2D image.”

Another shared: “This is truly amazing,” capturing how just about everyone felt watching the footage.

While many are quick to denounce technology for pulling people apart, there are cases in which it allows moment such as this to occur. The story is also a reminder to never take the present moment, or the people in it we cherish, for granted.