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Erwin Raphael McManus: Reimagine Your Life, Reimagine the World
Erwin Raphael McManus - Reimagine Your Life, Reimagine the World

Erwin Raphael McManus: Reimagine Your Life, Reimagine the World

Erwin Raphael McManus - Create Your World

Erwin McManus explains how we all have the power to reimagine our lives and actively create the world we want for ourselves.


"By the time I was 12 years old, I was in a psychiatric chair. I found myself an over-achiever in psychosis. I disappeared into an imaginary world, hiding from the real world. See, I grew up having all these voices telling me who I was not. All these voices telling me what I could not become. All these voices telling me that I didn't have value or worth.

"So you're an engineer and you're successful, and everyone thinks you should be fulfilled. But in your soul, you want to be a painter. You're a doctor and you're making great wealth and you're actually helping people. But inside of your soul, you long to be a humanitarian. You're a teacher, you decide that you want to become an actor. You're a tech entrepreneur and you decide you want to be a movie producer. It's amazing how we humans can imagine a life we've never lived.

"And then, one day I became cognizant of this beautiful truth. That we can either hide inside of our imaginations, or take our imagination and create a better world. The question is not whether you will create. The question is what kind of world will you create. Here's the dilemma. We will never out-think ourselves. We will always create out of the essence of our soul. You are both a work of art and an artist at work."

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