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Gary Vaynerchuk – Take Action

Gary Vaynerchuk delivers a speech encouraging people to take action on their ideas and to do what you’re passionate about.


I have friends who have hundreds of millions of dollars in their bank account and are as miserable and are as lonely and as broken as you’ll ever see, so I implore all of you, do something that you love so much, do something that puts pressure against the one thing you care about besides it, which is the time I spend with my family. My family’s my whole life and being this and doing this is the only thing that cuts into that. I couldn’t breathe if I wasn’t an entrepreneur. I didn’t breath when I wasn’t an entrepreneur. That’s the reason I got D’s and F’s in school, ‘because I just couldn’t be me.

If you sit around and ponder, well if I didn’t live here or if my mom wasn’t an alcoholic or if I just learned about this earlier or if I had been following this person earlier or if I wasn’t born a woman or if I wasn’t born a minority, if you sit and do that, you are losing. I feel enormous pain towards people like my father, like a lot of my best friends, who weren’t gifted with the infrastructure of the household that made them feel good about themselves, but in return, because their parents were insecure and sad inside, they took it out on their children and pointed out their flaws because misery loves company.

I implore you, if you’re sitting with that in this audience, that you need to figure out whether it’s through therapy whether it’s through something else, you’ve gotta get that poison out of your body so that you can reverse engineer that blue print and figure out where you fit within that and then deploy it. But I promise you, just ‘cause you didn’t grow up with a trust fund, just because you don’t live in Silicon Valley, the market doesn’t care. If you’re good enough, you will win.

Sitting around and saying, “Oh, I had that idea for Uber before Uber did.”, nobody gives a shit. Everybody’s got a big idea. It’s not gonna happen because most of you won’t execute against it, because you’re not willing to pay the price, and that’s cool. Everybody’s different, but you need to figure out what price you are willing to pay for what you want.

I came out the gate and I worked every day for 13 years before I said a God damn word to anybody. I talk a whole lot now, and I’ve made up for those 13 years of silence, but I just wanna remind everybody that I didn’t make a video to the world about anything about business until I was 35 years old. After I worked every single day, from the time I was 22, and in reality 14, and then I started talking. There’s a whole lot of talking going on. How about more action, how about more execution, how about more paying prices for what your mouth is saying? That is what I hope you do.