Two good samaritans went above and beyond to return the lottery winnings to the rightful owner.

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Winning the lottery is something most of us dream about, even though we know the odds are slim to none. The odds of winning are definitely low, but the odds of having a lost winning ticket returned to us are even lower! This is what happened to one lucky winner in Kansas thanks to two kind-hearted gas station employees. 

How One Customer Left Behind a Winning Lottery Ticket

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A Kansas man came into a local gas station to get three lottery tickets checked. Because the customer was in a rush, he only checked two of the tickets, and left the third one at the counter. Andy Patel, who was working the register that night, decided to check the abandoned ticket out of curiosity — it was a $1 million winning ticket!

Andy knew the person who had left the ticket behind because he was a regular customer, but he didn’t know how to get in contact with him. He decided to make it his mission to track down the customer and return the winning ticket. 

Why Two Gas Station Workers Returned a Lost Lottery Ticket

Andy and Kal Patel, whose parents own the gas station where the ticket was left behind, hit the road to find the lucky winners. With a vague idea of where the customer lived, they drove around the neighborhood, hoping to spot his car and give him the good news.

After searching for the vehicle for a while with no success, the two started to lose hope. Then, miraculously, the Patels spotted the customer driving out of the neighborhood. Luckily, they managed to get the customer’s attention after following his car for a while. When he was finally able to relay the news that his customer had won the lottery, the man started shaking with excitement and gratitude. 

When people asked Andy Patel why he would return the winning ticket to its rightful owner instead of keeping the winnings for himself, he explained that he believed in good deeds, karma, and doing the right thing.

Karma is already coming back around to reward Patel, who was given a Helping Hand prize from a local firm totalling $1,200. We can’t wait to see what other good things come to these great people.


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