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Excited Teen Is Refused Entry at Her Prom - Is Told to Wear Her Vice Principals Jacket for This Reason
Teen Forced to Wear Vice Principal’s Jacket at Prom to Cover Her ‘Revealing’ Dress
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Excited Teen Is Refused Entry at Her Prom - Is Told to Wear Her Vice Principals Jacket for This Reason

When one girl is shamed because of how she fits in her fashion, a mother comes to her rescue.

"Her excitement during this memorable time of her life turned into embarrassment at the hands of adults who are supposed to be leading her."

Sadly, these angry words accurately describe an ordeal that brings a girl to tears and a school on blast.

A Student’s Bad Dance Dream

black and white picture of girl crying
Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

Crying in the bathroom is a far cry from where Amy Steverson pictured this night. Yet after what just happened, it's her only safe space.

How did this happen?

All the planning, the anticipation, and the excitement of just a couple of short hours ago, destroyed.

Now, humiliated and in tears, there's no way out. And, just as if things couldn't get worse, they are about to. What happens next sends one mother and thousands online into a rage, and with good reason.

And to think, it was all over a dress?

A Dress Disaster

group of girls at prom
Photo by Marcel Strauß

Per Metro, Amy Steverson and her friend Bronte Taylor arrive ready for a night to remember. Like everyone else at the Maryville, Tennessee senior high school prom, Steverson is dressed to impress, paining over each detail.

However after arriving, she quickly finds out that her dress has another purpose: shame. That's because school administration stops her at the door and tells her her dress is 'too revealing.'

It's at that moment that she runs to the bathroom, crying. But things only get worse when, as she emerges from the bathroom, she is told to wear the Vice Principal's jacket to cover up. Then a teacher comes up to her and says, “Us big girls gotta cover up.”

So there's Steverson, smiling with silly poses in the prom photo booth with friends, 'covered up' with a middle-aged man's jacket.

While she makes a success of her night without making a scene, plenty of voices will be speaking up for her, with one very close to home.

A Mother’s Outrage Goes Viral

One person who won't stay quiet is Tiffani Taylor, the mother of Amy's friend and prom sidekick. When she hears what happened to Steverson, she takes to Facebook to scold the school.

"This young girl was SHAMED for having breasts. Her excitement during this memorable time of her life turned into embarrassment at the hands of adults who are supposed to be leading her, she writes, adding: SHAME on YOU, Maryville. I think you look amazing, Amy."

The post quickly goes viral, shared more than 12,000 times and received over 44,000 likes. Needless to say, the comments are full of outrage at the school and nothing but love for the prom princess.

"This young lady is beautiful & classy! It's a shame that administration could ruin such a special day for her! I hope she realizes it was all their problem not hers at all. It's unacceptable that she was called out!" writes one.

"If she still has any doubts, I hope she reads these comments and knows that she is beautiful, the dress is completely appropriate and she did nothing wrong."

It’s Not What You Wear It’s Who You Are

Photo by Eva Bronzini

Amy has not commented on this story or made any formal complaint to the school about the incident.

To be fair, I get the school having their own standard of decorum for those who take part at an event under their roof. But this isn't the time to single out a 'big girl' because her dress doesn't fall on her like all the 'normal' girls.

Nevemind that this isn't science class, but one of a teen's last memories before diving into adulthood.

Let's hope that after a little self-reflection, the school realizes the same and will let teens be teens.

Meanwhile, Amy, don't you change a thing!

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