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Goalcast places No. 68 on The Globe and Mail’s second-annual ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies
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Goalcast places No. 68 on The Globe and Mail’s second-annual ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies

Goalcast is pleased to announce it placed No. 68 on the 2021 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranks Canadian companies on three-year revenue growth. Goalcast earned its spot with three-year growth of 865%. 

Goalcast, a leading empowering media company from Montreal, is on a mission to redefine the media industry for good. Last year the company announced its plans to expand into original production and significantly grow the team. With those plans well underway, its revenue growth has followed, allowing the team to scale quickly by further investing in quality content and top talent.

CEO and co-founder of Goalcast, Cyrus Gorjipour, shared “Seeing Goalcast on this list for a second year in a row is incredible. I see how hard the team works every day and it is amazing for us to be recognized alongside other respected companies in Canada as a Top Growing Company.” He continued, “Growth is not just a byproduct of our hard work, however. It is our responsibility, one we take very seriously, as we are on a collective mission to change the world.”

Focusing on the calibre of stories they tell, rather than the quantity of videos published, is a significant component of Goalcast’s growth strategy that is yielding results. Chief Content Officer and co-founder, Salim Sader, adds “We are constantly evolving as storytellers and adapting to the needs of our audience. Unlike Hollywood productions which take years to produce, we are able to create and release a video in a matter of weeks and get real-time feedback from those who watch and engage with our content. Our focus has been on leveraging our audience insights and continuously raising the bar so we can tell even more meaningful stories. This approach has contributed greatly to our growth.”

Launched in 2019, the Canada’s Top Growing Companies editorial ranking aims to celebrate entrepreneurial achievement in Canada by identifying and amplifying the success of growth-minded, independent businesses in Canada. It is a voluntary program; companies had to complete an in-depth application process in order to qualify. In total, 448 companies earned a spot on this year’s ranking.  

The full list of 2021 winners, and accompanying editorial coverage, is published in the October issue of Report on Business magazine—out now—and online. 

“As we look toward the future, Canada’s Top Growing Companies offer both inspiration and practical insights for other firms facing similar challenges,” says James Cowan, Editor of Report on Business magazine. “The entrepreneurs behind these companies are smart, tenacious and unwavering in their commitment to their goals.”

“Any business leader seeking inspiration should look no further than the 448 businesses on this year’s Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies,” says Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “Their growth helps to make Canada a better place, and we are proud to bring their stories to our readers.” 

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About The Globe and Mail 

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s foremost news media company, leading the national discussion and causing policy change through brave and independent journalism since 1844. With award-winning coverage of business, politics and national affairs, The Globe and Mail newspaper reaches 6.4 million readers every week in print or digital formats, and Report on Business magazine reaches 2 million readers in print and digital every issue. The Globe and Mail’s investment in innovative data science means that as the world continues to change, so does The Globe. The Globe and Mail is owned by Woodbridge, the investment arm of the Thomson family. 

About Goalcast

Goalcast is the world’s leading empowering media company specializing in producing and distributing transformative content which includes speeches, short documentaries and original short films. With a growing global community of over 32 million people and a monthly viewership of over 500 million, Goalcast is dedicated to helping each person live the impossible.

Check out Goalcast’s open positions and join one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

Media Contact:

Samantha Kris

Head of People and Culture

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