Nashville parents rallied to support Mike Hill’s family as a “thank you for protecting Nashville’s children.”

A GoFundMe to raise money to support the family of slain school custodian Mike Hill raised over $380,000 in less than one day and has now reached over $618,000.

Hill was one of three school staffers shot and killed at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, alongside three nine-year-old students, when a former student entered the school and opened fire.

Community Comes Together To Raise Money For Family Of Slain Custodian

The GoFundMe page’s original fundraising goal was $25,000 and it has now reached $618,249 with 11,900 donations.

The GoFundMe was started “by fellow Nashville parents who live in the community who are dedicated to honoring this hero.” The page’s description also says that Hill’s family “is aware of this fundraising effort and has been beyond moved by the outpouring of love.”

According to the GoFundMe page, the funds raised were given to Hill’s family to pay for funeral services and expenses. The remainder of the money will be dedicated to “causes close to their hearts to facilitate healing in the Covenant and Nashville communities.”

“Mike deserves to be remembered for his selfless act protecting our children,” the GoFundMe said. “His legacy can live on through goodwill and love. In the end, love should always win.”

The 61-year-old custodian, who students at the school knew as “Big Mike” worked at The Covenant School for over a decade.

“He took great pleasure and found tremendous joy in his job and through those students,” Hill’s family said, according to the GoFundMe.

Hill was a beloved father to eight children, according to the GoFundMe page. CNN reported that he also had 14 grandchildren.

Outpouring Of Love Brings Healing And Hope To The Hill Family

“My niece attends Covenant, I’ve heard how you touched many lives with your kindness and gentle spirit. Thank you for everything Mr.Mike, you will be missed,” one donator wrote.

“Thank you Mike Hill for being there for all of our children . I hope your family will find some peace in all the out pouring of love,” another one wrote

Many expressed their thoughts on the need for gun reform.

“This has to stop. We are loosing our kids and beloved community members because why? We like our guns? We have some fever brained hero fantasy about protecting ourselves? Insane. I pray for all the families and for the first responders who also had to witness this. May God have mercy on them, not on the people who refuse over and over again to stop this.”

An update on the page says that the emails and letters shared through the page “have brought so much healing and hope to the family. All prayers, wishes and offers have been communicated to the Hill family, who continues to be eternally grateful for the love bestowed on their family. Simply put, they are amazing people, even in the midst of their unimaginable pain.”

Like the page says, “Mike, thank you for protecting Nashville’s children.”