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Wedding of the Century: Grandparents Say I Do After 40 Years of Living Together

Wedding of the Century: Grandparents Say I Do After 40 Years of Living Together

Age aint nothing but a number!

It's never too late to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.

In January 2023, the town of San Pedro de la Cueva in Sonora, Mexico, hosted one of the most anticipated weddings of the year.

After nearly half a century of living together, octogenarian couple Genoveva Romero Encinas, 86, and Francisco Maldonado Valenzuela, 88, decided to formalize their union and be married in their local Church.

Witnessed by their friends and family, the couple celebrated their big day with the entire town!

Credit: Yo ♥ San Pedro de la Cueva/Facebook

The happy couple’s nuptials (and the party of the century) were held in the parish of San Pedro de la Cueva, where hundreds of locals gathered to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

The bride, Doña Beba, arrived in a white dress, her face covered with a veil and trailed by a two-meter train. Groom Don Francisco wore a cowboy-cut black suit. The bride was all smiles as she was walked down the aisle by her brother José Jesús Romero Encinas.

The entire day was documented on the Facebook page I love San Pedro de la Cueva:

Party central was in the town's Municipal Plaza, where hundreds of supporters turned up to witness the big event, arriving from across Mexico, as well the United States.

Local travel agencies even organized travel packages for out-of-towners to attend the couple’s big day. Stalls were set up across the town square, selling churros, fresh drinks, roasted meat, and a variety of other goodies.

After the ceremony, the couple took a breather and then headed to the celebration to take photos with the partygoers at what was dubbed “the wedding of the century.”

Credit: Yo ♥ San Pedro de la Cueva/Facebook

The affectionate comments were flowing:

The whole community attended this unforgettable wedding!

My cool lady looks beautiful. Congratulations, my grandparents. I am crying with emotion to see them!

A thousand thanks to all those who supported us from a distance and the residents of the municipality and all the attendees who came from other places!

Credit: Yo ♥ San Pedro de la Cueva/Facebook

This heartwarming story is a reminder that true love at any age is always possible. And we appreciate the reminder from these octogenarian lovebirds.


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