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Halle Berry Reveals the Surprising Health Habit that Helps Her Slow Down Aging
Halle Berry is a healthy living advocate
Diet & Exercise

Halle Berry Reveals the Surprising Health Habit that Helps Her Slow Down Aging

Academy Award winner Halle Berry is unquestionably one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood – not just physically though, as she regularly uses her platform to inspire people to live a more healthy and meaningful life through fitness, beauty and health tips.


Her latest post in the popular #FridayFitness hashtag series involved a surprising health and beauty secret. Beyond regularly working out and making sure that her workouts are always fun and inspiring, Berry shared her own personal youth elixir: bone broth.

The dietary supplement has been gaining quite a bit of fame lately, and because of Berry's age-defying strength and energy levels (she's 51!), many were intrigued. It's also worth noting that Berry has been taking the supplement for years, long before it became popular.

While Berry agrees it “may sound nasty as hell”, she swears by its power. Her version involves simmering organically raised animal bones in a crockpot for 24 hours, then drinking it with a bit of salt, pepper and crushed garlic.

The collagen and trace minerals released through the long simmer can help support bone, joint, ligament and intestinal health, while also contributing to healthier skin and hair, and according to Berry “will slow down your inevitable race to the finish line.”

Considering her fabulous health and fitness, not to mention youthful look, she just might have discovered a true fountain of youth.

Since joining Instagram two years ago, the actress and producer has diligently shared snapshots of her life, as well as her take on living with intention, mindfulness and appreciating life.

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