The Dough waiter gifted the stressed out mom with some quiet time with friends.

When Katie Dee had the chance to meet up with some old friends that she hadn’t seen in years, but didn’t have anywhere to leave her daughter, she took her toddler along. Little did she know she was in for a pleasant surprise.

In order to get two-year-old Pixie excited, Dee told her that the restaurant makes pizza in the shape of Mickey Mouse. When the group sat down, Pixie ordered the Mickey Mouse pizza, some spicy juice (fizzy water) and crayons.

How a Toddler Made Fast Friends With Her Waiter

man in a beanie sitting at a table with a little girl
Katie Dee/Facebook

“I’m gossiping away with my buds and Pixie says, ‘Mummy, where’s that beautiful man gone?’ Her words not mine!!!!!” Dee wrote in a Facebook post. “We all laughed and I told her he would be back soon with her pizza.”

When the waiter returned with her pizza, Pixie’s face lit up.

“‘Can you cut it up please?’ she says, so I start cutting up her pizza . . . ‘Mommy, no! I want the beautiful man to do it!'” Dee wrote.  

“So he does it, even though I apologize and say he absolutely doesn’t need to, and he cuts up Pixie’s pizza into tiny pieces. He even cuts up the bigger bits when Pixie points out that they are not ‘Pixie sized’ enough, and checks with her that they are all OK before he goes.”

The waiter came back to check on Pixie every 10 minutes — even though he wasn’t their waiter anymore — and complimented her coloring.  

All this time Dee’s food was getting cold and she had barely spoken to her friends while she was picking up crayons and making sure Pixie was eating her pizza. That’s when the waiter saved her day.

How a Waiter Became a Hero to a Stressed Out Mom

man in a beanie sitting at a table with a little girl
Katie Dee/Facebook

“. . . low and behold over comes this hero who seemed to sense my hunger and asks Pixie if she would like to eat with him at the next table,” Dee wrote. “If she didn’t already think he was wonderful enough, he then produces a bowl of ice cream and sits with her, talking about her day while she gets ice cream EVERYWHERE.”

Instead of getting upset at the mess, Pixie’s new friend just laughed at her silly faces as he gave her mom a priceless gift — some time to eat and chat with her friends.

“It might not see like a lot, but that 10 minutes with my friends was heavenly.” Dee wrote on the Facebook post.

“So thank you to the waiter at Dough, for taking my 2-year-old on her first date. Thank you for letting a busy mom have her dinner in peace. Thank you for making sure my little one felt like a princess and thank you for going above and beyond your job for a little girl who you’ve never met before,” she wrote.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But it’s a beautiful surprise when a stranger steps in to give you a break.


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