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How to Feel Better About Yourself And Your Life

How to Feel Better About Yourself And Your Life

We often tend to question the “good” and “bad” things that happen in our lives. We wonder “What did I do to deserve this?” We’ve heard it all several times before; “What goes around comes around.” “What you do to others comes back to you.” How often do we take the time to live our lives consciously with awareness, though?

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How to Feel Better About Yourself And Your Life

It’s not always easy to stop and reflect on our actions several times a day most especially in today’s fast-paced world. However, if you look around you, and you pay attention, you’ll realize that the universe gives you several opportunities to build up good karma every single day. I’d like to speak about karma as an energy exchange that everyone can relate to rather than a concept that is affiliated with a particular religion. Each thought, word, and action releases energy out into the universe. Ideally, you want to be releasing positive charges as often as you can for good to come to you as far as the karmic principle is concerned.

Think about the times you didn’t slow down when you could have let a pedestrian pass or the times you could have offered your seat on the subway to someone who could have gained more comfort from it. When you’re out on the streets, have you ever noticed the man who looked like he could use your help with directions if you gave him a minute or two? Do you hold the door for an elderly person when you see him or her exiting an establishment? When the waiter didn’t get your order perfectly, or the cashier is taking a little too long, are you kind while expressing your concerns? Would you be willing to share your knowledge on a particular topic so that your subordinate or peers can make a clearer and more informed decision? Think about the times that you could have been more understanding and let a situation go because you realize that you have it so much better than the other person. On a deeper level, when you see a bug or an insect that bothers you, do you simply move it out of your way instead of killing it because you respect the life form in it?

There is one main theme that is common in all the scenarios stated above. We would have been making the other person’s life a little bit easier for them. When you think of the times in your life when you have been in pain and about how good it would feel if someone, anyone, helped alleviate your pain or your struggles at that very moment, you would not hesitate to be of assistance to anyone. The energy that will radiate from each of their hearts will bless you, guide you, and protect you each day of your life. Of course, we must not act with the expectation of something in return but with the purest of intentions. And so you see how there can be many ways to operate from a place of love on a daily basis if we choose to.

As you continue to do so, you will feel your own personal energy change. You will feel better about yourself and about life in general. You will see paths created for you where there were none. You will start to believe that everything is rigged in your favor. Above all, you will not fear because you will be confident in your karma.

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