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Husband Thinks Video Hes Making With His Wife Is for a Contest Entry - Is Shocked to Find Real Reason Why
Woman Reveals to Her Husband That She Is Pregnant While Making a Video for a Contest
Uplifting News

Husband Thinks Video Hes Making With His Wife Is for a Contest Entry - Is Shocked to Find Real Reason Why

Thanks to his wife, one unsuspecting husband got far more than a ticket to travel, and you won't believe why.

It had been a rough 5-year patch for Doug and Brenda Price. They both needed an escape and were willing to try anything. But as they got in front of that camera with hopes of brighter days ahead, Brenda did something that would throw all of their plans off.

A Married Couple’s Desperation for an Escape

As the camera rolled, you can bet that 34-year-old Doug was dreaming of palm trees and daiquiris with Brenda.

The two had recently celebrated ten years of marriage together, but the last 5 years were a strain. And so, the two were filming a video to try and win a trip to Aruba.

To leave Nashville behind for a bit and bask in the sun would be a gift. Little did Doug know that in a few moments, he was about to be surprised with a gift far more shocking.

A Wife’s Shocking Surprise for Her Husband

pregnancy test
Photo by Natalyia Vaitkevich

Brenda kicked off the video by saying that the trip would be nostalgic, as Aruba is where they spent their honeymoon. But then Brenda revealed other plans. She said that she and her 'dushi,' or darling, would actually prefer to go back on their 'Babymoon,' telling Doug 'I'm pregnant,' and showing him the test results.

It was a magic moment five years in the making, as the couple had been struggling without success to get pregnant. Brenda had only learned the news 12 hours before the video, so she was antsy all day until Doug got home. The conception was 100% natural.

Almost unable to talk, a teary-eyed Doug says 'Serious?' to a bawling, nodding Brenda as they both embrace. Then to lighten the mood, Doug asks 'What about our Aruba trip,' as they both laugh.

Doug uploaded the video. In it, he said that while Brenda and he didn't get the trip to Aruba, 'I still think we got the better end of the deal'. Most of the over 2 million viewers agreed.

"This is so sweet. Made me cry. I'm happy for them! <3," wrote one.

"I burst in tears omg i didnt expect that you can see how much they want it ????," said another.

One viewer did have a bone to pick, posting, "Dude, how could they NOT win that trip to Aruba?"

Have to agree there.

How One Couple Proves to Never Give Up on Life

Doug said that after the shock, he got papa bear protective feelings for his wife. He said he now 'just wants to be better' for Brenda and their child. Who can think of better motivation?

Just what advice does the expecting couple have for others in the same struggle? "Not giving up hope is the number one thing," said Brenda. Doug agreed, saying, "To not give up hope is the one thing. Our biggest thing is we just wanted for people to have that hope."

It actually gives hope to over 6 million. That's the number of women aged 15-44 the CDC reports have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Let's hope this sweet story gives them motivation to not give up on life.

Sending our love to the Prices!

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