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Idris Elba: Don't Give Yourself Boundaries
Idris Elba: Don't Give Yourself Boundaries
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Idris Elba: Don't Give Yourself Boundaries

Idris Elba - Go for It

Actor Idris Elba says that aiming for the skies can be intimidating, but that the way to get there is to refuse your boundaries and just go for it.


"I've been poor most of my life, so now I don't really do things based on money, I do things on authenticity of how I feel. I mean, it's important not to give yourself boundaries, which we can do quite easily, okay? People talk about aiming for the skies. Sometimes even aiming for the skies is intimidating. Just don't give yourself boundaries. Your sky and my sky might be different, you know what I mean? Neither of us will touch the sky if we give ourselves boundaries.

"I'd rather people go, 'You know what, I'm not going to restrict myself,' or go, 'I can only do this,' or 'I can only do that,' or, 'I have to do it this way,' or, 'I have to do it that way.' Inner magic, is that actually if I can see myself doing it, I can probably do it. I think it's important that people just go, lose the boundaries, lose the conformity, and just go for it."

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