If This is Success, Please Don't Be Successful
Aren’t you tired of pictures showing booties in thongs, besides a limo, as a proof of success? I mean seriously, getting cash, girls, and cars, is that really society’s view on leading a successful life? If this is success, please, don’t be successful! If you were looking for girls in bikinis, chunks of hundreds on the ground, and a watch twice the size of your wrist, do yourself a favor, stop reading now. This post is most certainly not the right one for you. If you are still reading, try to get this sexist macho view off your mind and ask yourself, what does it mean to be successful?

Let’s face it; everyone wants to be successful, but often we relate success to money. So let’s forget money for a second. Imagine that you just won the lottery and you can have anything material you want in your life. You want a limo, done! You want a big pool by the ocean, done! You want a mansion, done! What would be left for you to be a successful person? Start from that point. Without thinking about the pecuniary return. Without thinking about material objects. Ask yourself what can I start doing today that will make me a successful person in the future?

Take a minute.

Like really, stop reading for a second, and take a minute to answer this question.

Now you see how everything unfolds. You start thinking about your passions. If you like teaching, maybe you can be the greatest teacher. Do you like gaming? If you can play every day and be the best gamer. You love arts and crafts, every time you have a break, you can make jewelry.

So, there it is. The first step is to follow your passion.

Next, believe in yourself, because no one else will, in the beginning. That feeling you just experienced, that passion you have for something, no one can understand. You need to believe in yourself in order to conquer your fears. You know that voice that tells you that you won’t be able to do it? Dominate that voice and be confident that you can do it.

When you have it all. You stop worrying about money. You find your true passion and you start to believe in yourself, but to get there, you need to work on your dream every day. It won’t be easy, but if want work on is a real passion, you won’t be able to stop. If you believe in yourself, you will have the determination it takes to work countless hours. And once you passionately work on your dream, you will become the best at what you do. Why? Because no one can go through what you did. No one can work as hard as you did. There is no magic. If you’re passionate and you work hard, you will ultimately unleash your full potential.

So what about that limo? It’s secondary; it is not what makes you successful as a person. You might get a limo one day if you really want to, but that will not define you. You won’t even see it as a success. What you should consider success at that point is being able to fulfill your true purpose in life.