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How To Find Your Passion

How To Find Your Passion

For years I was doing something that I wasn't passionate about. I thought that money was a more important factor in life than the fulfillment of my passion.

Well, I was wrong! Are you doing something you're not interested in? Do you wake up listless on a daily basis, because you have to do that something which brings you money? Do you want to stop doing that immediately, and find what you're interested in?

It is time for you to stop for a moment, and look for your passion.

How To Find Your Passion

Enough with the depressing life, and seeking pleasure in partying or binge eating. It is the right moment for you to make a move, and start living the life that makes you happy, the one that makes everyday a beautiful one (even Mondays).

Why should you follow your passion?

Your life will become a much better one!

Passion is what drives us to be better, more creative and more durable. The energy we possess when we are doing something we feel passionate about is incredible. When you are doing something passionately, it becomes easier to accomplish every following step.

I often receive e-mails saying: ‘Can I really live my passion?

The answer is simple: YES, you can live your passion.

Some people are passionate about cars, some about running, some people about drawing, programming, wine tasting, or any sports discipline, etc.

We all have a passion, the important thing is to find it, and fulfill it.

Happiness and fulfillment are the feelings that will appear when you devote yourself to what you consider to be your passion. They say that a smile prolongs life, but we don't have to be doctors to become aware of the fact that happiness makes us healthier and gives us extra energy.

The hustle and the motivation are also a by-product of working on projects you feel passionate about. Nowadays people are often tired and can't find the energy for living, but working on a project you feel passionate about, will change that. There's no need even to talk about motivation, the desire to go one step further, will never go away, if your passion will be the one to push you to endure, one more hour, day, or month.

The success and the self-esteem come at the end of it all. If you invest at least 5 minutes into something, on a daily basis, at the end of the year you will have worked on it for 1825 minutes, or a little more than 30 hours. Quite a significant number of hours to achieve something, and when you think about it, you have invested only 5 minutes of your usual day into it. When you're doing something you feel passionate about, you will surely invest much more of your time, and that will at the end result in success. Success brings a sense of self-esteem. If you respect yourself and what you're doing, you're the luckiest person in the world.

Passion should be the main motive for our every waking up, and for our every venture. An old proverb says that people are not afraid of death, but they are regretting the fact that they haven't had the time to fulfill all of their passions.

To become happy and fulfilled, and to have the motivation to succeed, all you need to do is live your passion.

How can you find your passion?

Occupied with various problems that life brings, people often lose their perspective, they lose their passion. Therefore, they often come to me with questions like: 'How can I find my passion? What exactly is my passion? '.

My dear friend, I can't tell you what your passion is. You can ask your friends to tell you that, or you can find it out on your own. I can give you great advice on how to find your passion.

To my readers, I usually recommend a simple 3 step rule for finding their own passion:

1.What did you want to be as a kid?

Do you remember those days when the world was a perfect place for living?When there was nothing to worry about? When the only thing that occupied your attention was how to have fun?

Great times! Many of us would now like to go back to those wonderful times.

What I'm asking you is, to remember what you wanted to be as a kid. Astronaut, doctor, mailman, pilot? And where are you today? Have you accomplished any of those past wishes? I'm pretty sure you're now doing something completely different, which is not interesting at all, and it is so far away from the things you have fantasized about as a kid.

Write down your childhood ideas on a piece of paper. Don't worry, it can be one idea, 5 or even 10 ideas, who knows. What I want to say is, they all need to be written on a piece of paper.

2.What are you constantly talking to your friends about?

When we learn something new regarding the area we feel passionate about, we can't wait to tell it to our friends. Regardless of the fact they are interested in it or not, they are really close to us, and we want to share with them, the things that are important to us.

It's time you start listening to what you're saying to your friends. What's better, you should warn them to remember and write down the things you are constantly babbling about. It doesn't matter if it's about diet, clothing, cars, sports or something else. The thing you're constantly talking about, and never get tired of, is something you feel passionate about.

On the same paper, we've already talked about, write down the things you're constantly talking about. If it will make things easier, tell your friends to fill in the paper for you. They are the ones who know you the best anyway.

3.What would you do if everything would be unlimited?

It is hard to imagine, but you're in a situation of having limitless supplies of money, food, drink, and everything else you need for living. The question is, how will you spend your day?

This is a pretty hard question for the people who aren't aware of their passions. But, that's why we have had the first two questions, so that we could now give some smart ideas for this one, more easily. You need to give at least three answers to this question. It doesn't matter if your answers will be activities or things. The important thing is to find the idea, of how you would like to spend that perfect day.

Some of my colleagues like to add another thing here: How would you spend the day if tomorrow was the end of the world? In other words, what would you do if you knew that you had only a few more hours to live?

Write down the answers to the third question on a piece of paper as well.

That's where the thinking starts. Put the paper in front of you, and search for that thing or activity that comes up the most on it. If necessary, connect different words from the paper, as long as you don't find your passion. One additional note, it doesn't necessarily have to be only one activity. In fact, most people usually feel passionate about more than one thing in life.


To live your passion means to live your life to the fullest. Everything else is a mere waste of time. It is time for you to find your passion if you haven't done it yet.

To find your passion, you need to put yourself in some extreme situations. The situation where you're putting your self into the world where everything is unlimited, or where you have only a few more hours left to live, is maybe the best solution for finding your passion.

Don't waste another minute of your life! If you're not living your passion, you can hardly say that you're living a great life. Things are simple; money is not the measure of success, happiness and passion are.

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