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Why Did You Give Up On Your Dreams?

Why Did You Give Up On Your Dreams?

As I was browsing Reddit, I accidentally fell on an AskReddit post titled: « Why did you give up on your dream? » I was curious to see what the community had to say because I'm sure a fair amount of people have given up on their dreams at some point in their lives. Honestly, I learned a lot by reading what people posted, and I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on the subject. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular answers.

Why Did You Give Up On Your Dreams?

Why did you give up on your dream?

It won't pay enough

Of course, everyone thinks about that. You need to put food on the table. Moreover, you want the latest smartphone, an amazing car, the best wines; you also want to eat out at least three times a week, etc. (For more on that topic check out: If this is success, please don't be successful). Most people think that their dreams won't pay enough, so they stop pursuing it. Although it seems logical, I still think it’s sad to give up on your dreams for more money. Passion and motivation are very much underrated. It is true that it takes more than just passion and motivation to achieve something, but with dedication and determination, I believe anyone can make their dreams a reality. And I sure think that in the times we are living, everybody can find a way to earn a living out of what they are passionate about.

I'm afraid of taking risks

Who’s not afraid of risk? But we all have to take some risks at some point. Also, the level of risk you feel you are taking has to be put into perspective. Think about your "safe" job as an example. So, you think a stable job is not risky? You might answer, " I know. Anybody can lose their job.” But let’s dig a little deeper. Do you have control over decisions the company makes? Do you have a say in the strategy for the company is pursuing? Even the position that you have right now might not exist in a few years? Now ask yourself, which is riskier? To not have any control over your job, or is it better when you are in charge of what happens? Chances are, in pursuing your dream, you are actually taking fewer risks by taking control of your own destiny.

My friends were giving me a hard time

Who cares about what people think? Most people won’t understand why you decide to pursue a dream. No one can, because they don’t have the same thoughts, feelings, determination and passion as you. It 's okay to feel misunderstood. Most successful people are thought to be a little crazy until they reach success. Don't accept to be bullied, but keep an open mind for constructive criticism. People that constructively criticize your approach might be sharing a different perspective that can be very valuable in helping you reach your dreams.

You can't just become a dog; you have to be born one.

That is where humans are different than other animals. We were not born with wings, but we still found a way to fly. We cannot breathe underwater, but we made oxygen masks so that we can dive underwater. We were born on Earth, but scientists are still dedicating their lives to find ways so that we can live on other planets. It's the surprising thing about us humans, we adapt, we build, and we find solutions. You don’t have to be a bird to fly; you just have to put dedication, hard work, and passion to make that plane!

Remember, there is no good excuse not to pursue your dreams. Start today, or at least, give yourself the chance to think about it.

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