We all love stories; we love sharing some of our favorite experiences just as much as we enjoy hearing other people’s wild adventures. Whether it’s a riveting tale of victory after overcoming impossible odds, or a simple fun moment that happened to us in passing. Storytelling is one of our favorite communication tools and gives us all a better experience of life. How else are we supposed to learn about all that life has to offer?

For some reason, even though we all love stories, we usually fail to see the story that every person is. Every person is a story, and it is important for us to reserve our judgments, and simply take in the story that they are telling. Where have they come from? What do they know? What experiences have they had? What are they trying to share?


The Importance of Sharing Your Story

Think about all the stories that are being written around the world. Every time somebody shares their experiences with us, we get to see what is possible.  Every single being is an assortment of possibilities; let’s see them for how beautiful they are. Every one of us is an expression of at least one unique aspect of all that is possible and the less we express ourselves, the less we can experience who and what we really could be.  Everyone that is here is essential and plays a vital role in representing a possibility that we would not know about, had they not been around to share.

The benefit that shared experiences afford us, as a human race, is the deeper understanding of what it is exactly that we would like to collectively experience. Through self-study and study of others’ lives, we may come, as a people, to understand which opportunities we would like to create more of. After all, anything is possible, and from this perspective, life simply becomes a collection of choices.

So if a member of our society chooses to do something that we have communally agreed not to do, then we may help ensure that the situation does not reoccur in the future. This means approaching each unique situation with the appropriate measures, while at the same time, still recognizing the value in the other person’s story as a reminder of what is achievable. They are expressing their current level of understanding, and we can help shift their consciousness to a higher plane, which will allow for their future interactions within our society to be more beneficial to the group, as a whole.

A story can only be a story if it is shared; its very nature is a shared experience. That’s what makes the aspect of sharing just as fundamental to storytelling as the experience itself. Once a story is shared it becomes part of us all. We are all part of each other’s stories. If we want to experience a better story, a better life, for ourselves, then that means everyone else’s story has to also be better as well.

So it is important to really understand the value that other people and their actions can bring to our world. Once we see our lives as something that is a part of other people’s lives, we can experience everybody’s joys and successes, because we can see how it benefits us all as a collective – a united human race.

As we co-create this world, let us keep making it a better and better adventure for everyone! Let’s make the series of stories that we are all a part of, a masterpiece to be shared.