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Jay-Z: Trust Yourself
Jay-Z : Trust Yourself
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Jay-Z: Trust Yourself

Jay-Z - Believe in Yourself

Jay-Z talks about his unsteady beginnings as a performer, and says the most important thing is to never let others undermine your belief in yourself.


"I was a terrible live performer in the beginning. My first show, I forgot the lyrics. You have to have such a strong belief in yourself that you can quiet out all the outside noise because you're going to need that on every step of the way. There are people that are projecting their fears and their shortcomings and failures on you. You have to be very careful with that. People telling you you can't do that. Why can't I? Because they may have tried or they don't believe that they can do it. It's not really about you. It's about what they feel and their fear inside. You have to be strong enough and resilient to believe in whatever it is you're trying to do. Good luck with it."

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