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Jocko Willink: Thank Your Struggles

Jocko Willink: Thank Your Struggles

Jocko Willink - Fight Harder

Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink teaches you how to confront obstacles, face fears, and fight the good fight.


Pretty easy sometimes to feel beaten. That doesn't mean give up. In fact, it means the opposite. It means it's time for you to fight harder, to dig in. It means it's time for you to go on the warpath. That starts with one of the fundamental laws of combat leadership, prioritize and execute. What's the biggest problem? What's causing the most stress? Family? Okay. Sit them down. Explain where you are at. Be blunt, be upfront, and then give them the simple plan of how you're going to get things back on track. Don't sugar coat it. You give it to them straight.

Next, you got some late payments. Call those creditors up. Explain to them what's going on. Set up some kind of a minimum payment plan so you can start making some progress and get them off your back.

Then you got your job. You're falling behind at work. Talk to your boss. Face it. Tell him that you're going to step up your game. Tell him you're going to be at work early, you're going to be at work late, you're going to be at work during lunch. You're going to be wherever you need to be whenever he needs you to be there. Tell him you're going to get after it. Tell him that you're 100% committed to supporting him and the company and the mission.

Then you get started. Let me tell you right now. It won't be easy. It will be hard because life is hard. That's what life is. These challenges, these challenges that you face, they're going to do their best to take you down. Do not let them. Stand up, dig in. Line up those problems and confront them, face them, fight them. Do not let them bring you down. In fact, in fact, let those challenges raise you up. Let them elevate you. Let their demands and their trials make you stronger. Let the adversity you face today turn you into a better person tomorrow so in the future, you look back at these struggles and you say to them, "Thank you. You made me better."

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