“Let’s dance!”

It’s been 40 years since Kevin Bacon “kicked off his Sunday shoes” and became an instant pop culture icon thanks to his role in Footloose.

Although the movie was set in the fictitious town of Bomont, the high school featured in the film was real.

Now, it’s the end of an era for “Bomont High” (aka Payson High School). The school in Payson, Utah is being relocated at the end of the year.

And to mark the occasion, the students campaigned to bring home the bacon — Kevin Bacon, that is — for one last iconic prom…it worked.

The #BacontoPayson Social Media Campaign

For months, students of Payson High have been “workin’ hard” to convince Kevin Bacon to come to prom.

They’ve pulled out all the stops, re-creating scenes from the movie and posting them on social media, learning the iconic Footloose dance, staging the Footloose Musical, and even planning an event on prom day to benefit Bacon’s SixDegrees.org foundation.

“The whole entire school year has just [revolved] around Footloose,” Grade 10 student Lauren Krout said.

Their efforts paid off in a big way.

Kevin Bacon Will Be Attending Prom Day


#Footloose was filmed at Payson High School in Utah, and for months, the students there have tried to get the actor to attend this year’s prom, which will be the last at the building as the school will be relocating at the end of the academic year. Students put on an all-out blitz to get Bacon to come to their prom, using the hashtag BaconToPayson, re-creating scenes from the movie, learning the “Footloose” dance and hosting an event on prom day to benefit Bacon’s charity, sixdegrees.org . #TODAYShow

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On Friday, Bacon, with the help of the Today Show, appeared via video chat to a gym full of surprised students and faculty.

“I’m gonna come. I gotta come … Let’s dance,” he told the wildly cheering crowd.

“I’ve been so impressed with everything that’s been going on there with this crazy idea to get me to come back,” Bacon told the students during the assembly. 

“The movie and Payson High School was a big part of my life, and I’ve been amazed at the work that all of you have been putting into this with the musical and the flashmobs and the re-creations. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me.” 

He went on to say that he’s inspired by the kids’ initiative to give back to their community and their willingness to support his charity, SixDegrees.org, which “centers on youth empowerment, justice and equality, and improving a sustainable living environment,” according to its website.

The organization is currently in the midst of its own Footloose campaign – honoring the 40th anniversary of the movie by creating and distributing 40,000 essential resource kits to communities across the U.S.

While the Today Show later clarified that Bacon will be at the school during prom day for the SixDegrees event and not kicking up his heels at the actual dance, rest assured he still has those famous moves.

Footloose Legacy Lives On

Bacon’s portrayal of Ren McCormack, the cool city boy who challenges the conservative norms of his new hometown, struck a chord with audiences in the ’80s and continues to do so today.

His electrifying performance during the film’s iconic dance sequences, set to the catchy tunes of Kenny Loggins’ Footloose and other memorable tracks, became etched in cinematic history.

Thanks to Footloose, Kevin Bacon’s name was as synonymous with the 80S as Trapper-Keepers and jelly sandals.


My name is Kevin, but sometimes they call me… #ThatsNotMyName

♬ That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

And unlike a lot of teen heartthrobs, his career didn’t stall out there. He’s been the leading man in numerous movies and television shows, winning a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

On top of that, he’s a musician, dancer, philanthropist, podcaster, and a beloved social media content creator with a combined following of over 14 million followers. And also? Just a really nice guy.

For the students of Payson High, Bacon’s appearance on prom day is a dream come true. For them, Footloose isn’t just a classic pop culture icon; it’s a part of their school’s identity. And while their school may be gone this time next year, its legacy will not be forgotten.