This little boy and his mom helped fill everyone’s tummies.

Acts of kindness don’t always come from adults. Sometimes, they come from observant children whose big hearts remind adults of the importance of helping others.

That was the case with one grade-school boy who decided he wanted to make a difference in his class and help his friends who were going without.

A Special Request

little boy holding food in his hands

One day, a little boy came home from school with important information for his mom: the kids in his class were hungry.

“My son said there’s some kids in his class that don’t eat their lunch,” the mom recalled in a social media post alongside a photo of her son. “How come?” she asked. “’Cuz they don’t have one, Mommy.”

According to his mother, the little boy then asked if he could bring some extra food the next day to share. “Can I bring them some of mine?” the mom recalled him asking. “Totally his idea!”

A Big Surprise

Together, the mother and son packed extra snacks and goodies for everyone in the boy’s class. They put together a bin of Cheesestrings, Goldfish crackers, and fresh produce like tomatoes, carrot sticks, grapes, and cucumbers.

Everything was nourishing and separated into little plastic bags for easy sharing. Although the mom didn’t post an update on how it went, the story, coupled with the photo of her son holding the snacks, inspired plenty of people online.

“This kid is going places!” one person commented. “He who saves one life saves the entire world,” prophesized another.

“Way to encourage kindness and generosity in your kid!” wrote someone else. “Parenting done right.”

Teaching Them Young

Hearing a story about a youth who wants to help out his fellow classmates is heartwarming, but this story is extra heartwarming because the mom jumped in and helped him to perform that act of kindness.

It’s a great reminder that kids are always watching what we do and taking their social cues from us. So if we lead with kindness, generosity and empathy, odds are our kids will also imitate that behavior.

It’s never too early to start teaching kids the importance of giving back and helping others. After all, they are our future leaders. Hearing stories like these just restores our faith in the future of humanity.