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Law of Attraction: How Letting Go Gets You More of What You Really Want
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Law of Attraction: How Letting Go Gets You More of What You Really Want

The Law of Attraction is best described by this statement from Albert Einstein: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the energy you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we think about and feel becomes our reality. It teaches us that we can manifest from both our positive and negative thoughts.

The Art of Letting Go

Through believing that your thoughts create your reality, a perspective shift known as the Art of Letting Go goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction.

Letting go is the first sign of trust; knowing you will receive what you desire and that you are worthy and deserving of it. Below are 3 powerful affirmations you can recite daily so that you can easily “let go” and allow more of what you desire.


The Art of Allowing

Before you move on to the affirmations, let me help you further grasp this concept. Here is a lesson taught by Abraham Hicks, which involves a pencil.

Take any ordinary pencil, with no particular special features, and hold it in your hand. Imagine this pencil contains a memory that is truly painful. Maybe you went through a divorce, or you were abused. You know this memory has been a bane of your existence since it first happened to you, and you know that you would like to not remember it anymore. But you can’t seem to “let it go”.

Now, look at your hand wrapped around this pencil. Start to try to let the pencil go and watch how your hand will keep holding it. Not only will your hand keep holding the pencil, but it will seem that your hand is not obeying the instructions to let go.

“Letting go of the old is the secret to manifesting new things into your life.”

It can be compared to decluttering of the mind.

Now you see this fact: Letting go is the secret to freeing you from pain. "Letting go" means to release whatever it is that is keeping you from a hopeful and happy life, so that you can find something better. It hurts to let go because you have invested time and effort into what it is you must now release. It hurts very badly.

In letting go, we allow change in. The mind does not enjoy change; it enjoys comfort and familiarity -- but the space for more can only open when we release what is no longer working.


Three affirmations ton help you get into the mindset of releasing and letting go:

  1. I release and let go of doubt and worry that I can attract more abundance into my life. As I release this doubt of attracting abundance and as I release this worry, abundance is rushing toward me now.
  2. I release the energy of relationships that felt bad, one sided, abusive, controlling, demeaning, demanding and humiliating. The energy of this relationships has done as much damage as I am allowing. In releasing this energy, I allow for a space where new relationships can come in with a new energy.
  3. I release and let go of my need to control other people or events. My need to control controls me so I choose now to let it go and surrender to new experiences. I release and let go of my need to control family, friends, partners and business associates and now accept every encounter as a valid lesson.

Do you see how letting go now represents something you may actually look forward to, rather than dread?

Just like holding the pencil, letting go is hard, but the faster you can release, the sooner something better will head your way.

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