Lewis Howes – Get Clear

In this amazing motivational talk, Lewis Howes breaks down the 5 rules of life that you need to live by for a memorable, passion-filled, purposeful existence.


Growing up, I was always in the special needs classes. I had a second grade reading level when I went to eighth grade, when I was tested there. In elementary school, I would have one to two hours a day in the special needs classes with other kids with learning disabilities, kids in wheelchairs, and then it was me. It built up a lack of belief in myself in terms of schoolwork. I just didn’t believe I was capable of reading, writing, remembering things, comprehending things, so I struggled. I built this continuous belief that I wasn’t capable, and therefore, I needed more support, and those results showed up in my life.

There are going to be a multitude of challenges throughout our lives. I face so many challenges, and I continue to face them. In order to be able to overcome these challenges that constantly come up, in relationships, career, health, death in families, breakups, all these different challenges that come to us, we must continue to look within to realize and figure out who are we. Who are we? What is our philosophy? What do we believe in? If we don’t have a foundation of a philosophy about who we specifically are, it’s going to be that much harder to overcome the challenges that come our way. First thing, get clear on who you are, who you want to be in the world. The image, the personality you are, the human being that you are, what is that, who is that? Think about it. Get clear on it. Write it down. Get a personal philosophy for your values so you have a foundation.

The second thing, life could be over in any moment. It could be done in a few minutes, in a year, 10 years. Why do things that you don’t love? It’s pointless to do things you don’t love unless you’re doing those things to support you to get closer to something you do love. Focus on as much time as you can doing the things that bring you joy, bring you positivity, make you feel loved, and make you feel good about yourself.

Doing anything else is a waste of your time. Continue to focus on those things you love. Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Don’t stay connected to people that bring you down. Life is so short. Hang out with the people that bring you joy, that are fun, that are positive, that inspire you, that make you want to be a better human being. Focus on those connections and those relationships. Then make sure to follow your dreams because if you’re not following your dreams then why are you here? What’s the purpose, what’s the point if you’re not in a pursuit of a dream? That’s the most important thing. Find a dream and pursue it and continue finding those dreams.

Lastly, if you’re living this life just for yourself, it’s an average life. It’s an unfulfilled life. Find ways to impact as many people as you can around you to lift others up, to be in service to humanity, to give to other people. Find ways to give back in any way you can. The more we give back, the more we live in service, the more it comes back to us.

Get clear on a personal philosophy and your vision. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people that lift you up and inspire you. Make sure you’re in the pursuit of your dreams and you’re doing things that you love every single day, and make sure to give back to the people around you and to the world. That’s the way to live a great life.