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10-Year-Old Cheers Up Driver After Her Bus Breaks Down - Later, She Shows Up at His House
10-Year-Old Cheers Up Bus Driver and She Returns His Kindness and Buys Him a Bike
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10-Year-Old Cheers Up Driver After Her Bus Breaks Down - Later, She Shows Up at His House

When the boy saw the bus driver sitting on the sidewalk he sat down beside her to cheer her up and from there an unlikely friendship formed.

Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver Shamika Anderson was driving on her regular route when her bus broke down on a hot 92-degree day.

She was sitting on the sidewalk waiting for another bus to arrive when DJ Fromme, who lives in the neighborhood, saw her.

The 10-year-old boy approached the stressed out bus driver and sat down beside her.

How a Bus Driver and a Little Boy Formed a Friendship

a boy and a woman skateboarding
Photo credit: MCTS

“She was like down, like had her head down. She was disappointed, I could tell, so I decided to walk up to her, and said, ‘Hey how are you doing?'” Fromme said. “I take it she was having a bad day, so I wanted to cheer her up and make her heart feel warm."

When Anderson explained that her bus had broken down and she was waiting to be picked up, Fromme kindly offered to let her ride his skateboard while she waited. She gave it a try as Fromme held her hand to help keep her steady.

The 10-year-old also opened up about his life. He told Anderson that he likes to skateboard and ride his bike. He also told her that he was adopted and had never met his real parents, and that his guardian had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.

“There was something about [Anderson] that I felt like I could trust her,” the boy said.

How a Bus Driver Repaid a 10-Year-Old Boy’s Kindness

woman and a little boy standing with a bike
Beate Fromme/Facebook

Anderson was so grateful to have met DJ and for his kindness, so when the new bus rolled up, she had an idea. She wrote down her number and asked Fromme to give it to his family so she could ask them if she could drop off some goodies for him.

Anderson did get permission and stopped by Fromme’s house to surprise him with a brand new bicycle.

“I was just intrigued by how humble he was, you know, with everything he was going through. He was still extremely positive. He didn’t seem sad about anything. He just made the best out of everything, so I decided to purchase him a bike,” Anderson said.

Fromme was surprised and so happy to see his new friend and her surprise.

“My heart just started racing and I was like, I couldn’t speak at all,” he said.

Fromme's mother, Beate Fromme, was also stunned and her heart was full.

"You're driving a bus, you have three kids of your own, and you take the time to buy him a bike. It was amazing and you keep in touch with him? She calls all the time. It's amazing, amazing that there are people like that," she said.

Fromme and Anderson have stayed in touch and the boy plans on attending church on Sundays with her and her family.

The unlikely friendship is a reminder to be kind because you never know what someone is going through.


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