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Bus Driver Follows Her Gut After Seeing Little Girl Wandering the Streets Alone—Those Instincts May Have Saved a Life
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Bus Driver Follows Her Gut After Seeing Little Girl Wandering the Streets Alone—Those Instincts May Have Saved a Life

When Tiffani Lee spotted a little girl on the side of the road, alone, with two different shoes on she knew something was wrong.

It's every parent's nightmare for their child to wonder out of the house and go missing. Thankfully, a bus driver with a keen eye helped get one little girl home safe.

Tiffani Lee, a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver, was driving on her usual route when she noticed a little girl on the side of the road. The temperature outside was in the 40s and the girl, who looked like she was around four years old, was by herself and walking slowly.

"She was walking by herself and she had on one flip-flop and one tennis shoe," Tiffani Lee told NBC 15.

A Bus Driver Spots a Potentially Dangerous Situation

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The concerned bus driver called out to the girl and asked her to come inside the bus.

“She told me she was on her way to the store. I think I interrupted her but needless to say I think she needed help,” Lee said.

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The two chatted while they waited for the authorities to arrive.

"She calmed down because we got to talking about nail polish. She had on pink and I had on Easter purple," Tiffani said.

After a few minutes, an officer arrived. She told them she lived nearby but was unsure where her house was. The officer helped her get home.

Tiffani Learned From Her Co-workers How to Be a Great Community Member

"She was scared, and I was just concerned. I’m happy she got home safely," Tiffani explained in relief.

Family members say the girl unlocked the front door and left while her mother and siblings were asleep.

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Thanks to the caring bus driver and her sharp eyes, this little girl made it back home to her family safely.

It's not the first time MCTS workers helped someone, including finding a missing man and a missing boy and saving an unconscious driver. Lee says seeing videos of her coworkers helping out prepared her for how to help when she spotted the little girl.

It Takes All of Us to Keep the Children of Our Communities Safe

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While it is a family's responsibility to make sure their child is safe at all times, accidents happen and it's good to know there are people in the community keeping an eye out and ready to help.

After all, they say it takes a village to raise a child.


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