A British musician named Liv Harland helped a man in need, and received double the help in return.

Busking is not for the faint of heart. Musicians put their hearts on the line, playing music or performing for the public. There is no guarantee of getting paid, and the possibility of being embarrassed, heckled, or verbally abused is much higher than in other professions. Nevertheless, buskers who love their craft continue to perform in the streets every day. Some days are normal, and some are life-changing. 

A Sad Sight on the Streets

Musician Liv Harland counts on the money she makes busking to be able to afford her life. Because her income is not steady, it is important for her to hang onto money when she has good days as she never knows how many good days she will get.

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One day, Liv was playing in the street as usual when she was distracted by a distressing sight. She spotted a homeless man rummaging through the trash, taking old chicken nuggets out to make a meal of them. Then and there, she decided she had to do something to help this stranger out. 

A Good Deed Creates Great Karma

Liv grabbed some of the money she had made that day and headed over to the man. She handed it over, telling him to get himself some fresh nuggets and forget about eating trash. The man promised her he would get fresh nuggets and walked off, thanking her. Liv smiled and resumed her singing, only to find herself on the receiving end of another good deed!

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A young man who had seen her kindness towards the homeless man came up to her basket and gave her double the money she had generously given away. In her social media post about the incident, Liv was thankful for the good karma she had received. 

The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Kindness is never a one hit wonder. Whenever a kind act is performed, it inspires many more kind acts to follow it. Just like with Liv, when someone sees another person go out of their way to do a good thing, it often inspires them to follow suit. Go do a good deed today and observe the ripple effect: you are bound to leave the world just a little bit better.


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