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Woman Has Only $10 to Her Name - Saved by Perfectly-Timed '30-Day Kindness Challenge'
woman paid for strangers gas, finds out she had only $10 in her account
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Woman Has Only $10 to Her Name - Saved by Perfectly-Timed '30-Day Kindness Challenge'

One womans random act of kindness completely changed a strangers day and life!

Challenges are very popular these days. Some people embark on physical challenges like the 30-day bootcamp, Whole 30, or 75 Hard. However, others are looking to be challenged in different, more spiritual, ways.

Cynthia Belmer is one of those people. She had no idea when she started a 30-day kindness challenge that her worldview would be changed forever. 

How a 30-Day Kindness Challenge and a Gas Station Changed Lives

Cynthia Belmer’s 30-day kindness challenge was going well, but one day she decided to step it up a notch. Knowing that the price of gas is a major stressor for many people, she decided that her act of kindness for the day would be purchasing someone’s gas for them.

There was a gas station right beside her regular coffee place, so she decided to go there and do her act of kindness for the day. When she arrived at the gas station, it was a ghost town. The normally buzzing station was unusually quiet, so Cynthia decided to get her coffee and try another station closer to her house.

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Once she parked at the gas station near her house, Cynthia quickly made eye contact with a woman who pulled up. The woman was radiating a kind energy, and the two exchanged warm smiles. Cynthia approached the woman and told her she would like to pay for her gas. The woman was skeptical and asked Cynthia if she was being serious. Once it was confirmed, she was overwhelmed with gratitude, thanking God and Cynthia.

She revealed to her new friend that she had just checked her bank balance and had only $10 to her name. Her mother had fallen ill and required care, so the financial burden had become overwhelming. The small act of Cynthia buying her gas had taken this woman from a place of desperation to a place of hope. 

We kept hugging, crying and laughing… I was her miracle and she was mine. She opened my heart and gave more meaning to my life.

Cynthia Belmer

A Simple Act of Kindness Can Be Life Changing

While simply paying for a tank of gas might not seem life-changing, the impact that this situation had on both women was. For Cynthia, she realized how much a simple act of kindness can change somebody’s life. For the stranger, she realized that the universe has your back. When you feel you are at your lowest, magical things can happen that can turn your life around and give you hope. 

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Whether it's saving someone at sea or giving up your plane seat, kindness makes a lasting impact.

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