The little girl’s guardian, her older sister, touched hearts in an emotional TikTok and brought the community together for her sister.

There are few things more devastating than having nobody show up at our child’s birthday party. We never want our little ones to feel isolated and rejected by their peers.

One little girl recently almost went through an episode like this, but her situation was even more upsetting — she had just lost her mother and moved away from her hometown. Luckily, her older sister and an army of do-gooders on social media were able to save the day. 

How a 28-Year-Old Woman Became Her Little Sister’s Guardian

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Chloe Sexton was 20-years-old when her mother, Jenny, gave birth to her only sister, Charlotte. Jenny had already been battling cancer for many years when she had her second daughter, and she sadly lost that battle eight years later, leaving her little one alone.

There was one silver lining in the rain cloud surrounding Charlotte — her sister Chloe who was now 28-years-old. Chloe was older and financially stable enough to take her sister in and become her legal guardian. Unfortunately, on top of losing her mother, Charlotte would have to leave school mid-year and move to be with her sister. 

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As Charlotte’s eighth birthday approached, her sister helped her send out invitations to everyone in her class at her new school. Sadly, despite knowing about the recent death of her mother and the tragic circumstances the little girl was facing, only one person RSVP’d to the party.

Chloe was heartbroken for her sister. She got on TikTok to vent about what happened while holding back tears. “My little sister turns eight tomorrow, her birthday party is going to be this weekend. Our mom died of brain cancer 83 days ago and only one child from her class RSVP’d. I haven’t even told her that, ’cause like why? Her whole class knew what happened. It should be our mom. My mom should be doing this but my mom’s not here,” she said.

The day after posting her video, Chloe was back with an update — this time the news was extremely positive. In only one day, strangers had purchased every single thing on Charlotte’s birthday wishlist.

On top of that blessing, local moms showed up with balloons, toys, streamers, and decorations for the party! Instead of disappointment, Chloe was overwhelmed with gratitude:

“I get to give her all of this. Nothing can make such an incredibly hurtful situation all the way better, but moments like this make it so, so much more bearable.”

How Strangers Proved the Importance of Supporting Others

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In the end, Charlotte’s party was a hit. More than a dozen kids were in attendance, and multiple kind strangers sent over activities. Charlotte got to see Gracie the Party Pony (who had traveled all the way from Mississippi) and Kaden’s Kritters, a local reptile education outfit.

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The two sisters were beyond grateful for what the community of kind strangers had done for them. Chloe especially felt her heart had been touched by the whole ordeal, and it inspired her to start a GoFundMe to raise money for the girls to spread their mother’s ashes in Hawaii.

They both learned that no matter how bad things get, there is always an army of people there to support you, lift you up, and help you out in times of need.


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