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Man Catcalls Woman From Car, Driver Immediately Stops And Has Best Response
Driver Kicks Out Catcaller
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Man Catcalls Woman From Car, Driver Immediately Stops And Has Best Response

Yes, not all men treat women poorly — but all men have a role to play in fighting against the patriarchy.

Friend catcalls women on the street

Reddit user u/Throwaway727v went to the AITA (Am I The A**hole) this month with an issue that drummed up a ton of interest on the 'front page of the internet.'

In the post, he explains how he was driving his friends home when all of a sudden, one of his buddies rolled down the window and hollered at two women walking by.

"I like how those t****** jiggle, how about you give the boys a flash," said the jerk.

The Reddit user wondered if what he did next was wrong.

A bold yet necessary move

As soon as the guy did his catcalling, the driver "instantly got angry." And what he did next drew adoration in the Reddit comments.

"I pulled around the corner and told him to get out. He thought I was joking but I wasn't and he started arguing," the Redditor wrote.

The rude friend contested — don't they always?

"He was saying it was just a joke and he was messing around everyone was on his side saying it wasn't a big deal. At first he said he wasn't getting out but then I said I was gunna snatch him out if he didn't. He finally did with no type of physical encouragement. He lived the furthest but I made him walk the rest of the way."

His friends were mad

Instead of congratulating him for standing up to patriarchy and teaching their buddy a lesson, the others in the car were angry. That's what prompted him to ask Reddit's opinion.

"Everyone else was still mad at me," he wrote. "I dropped them all off and went on my way."

Since the friend had such a long walk, the driver gave him a call to make sure he'd gotten home okay.

"I called the guy I kicked out to make sure he got home safe and told him to never say any sh*t like that around me ever again. He apologized but was still mad because he thought me making him walk was too far. AITA?"

Doing the right thing

In the comments, the driver got his answer.

One comment with nearly 30,000 upvotes said: "NTA - the only way to change entitled men who think they can comment on women they pass is by showing them it's wrong. You've done this. Way to go!"

Another thoughtful comment read: "As a woman and mother, I salute you. Ask your friends how they’d feel if their behavior was recorded and posted to social media. Or as potential future fathers of daughters if someone said that to their daughter. I’m sure the response would be a lot stronger than just getting out of a car and walking home. Your were also a good friend to ensure your friend made it home. Maybe it’s time for new friends with higher standards. Thank you for being part of the solution to put a stop to such behavior."

All men can help

It is outrageous that this guy even questioned whether kicking his friend out of the car was the right thing to do (it was), but that's the world we live in. Still, this is evidence that the tides are changing and more men are calling their friends out for disgusting, toxic behavior like catcalling. Guys, more of this, please!

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