One hero was puzzled when he was fired from his job.

Following the rules is usually the recommended course of action, especially when it comes to road safety and first aid. There are times however, where exceptions are necessary.

This was the case for a truck driver who broke the usual safety rules in order to save a life.

How a Man’s Quick-Thinking Saved a Person’s Life

Photo by Spencer Selover

Anthony Garcia is an Emergency Service truck driver for the Freeway Service Patrol who usually sticks to his job without incident.

One day, he was first to the scene when saw a car driving recklessly, swerving all over the road and putting others in danger. He first tried to do what he usually would, using wheel blocks to stop the out of control car. When that didn’t work, the car continued to barrel down the off ramp and slam into the adjacent wall.

Anthony could tell right away that they driver had suffered some kind of medical episode — there was essentially nobody behind the wheel.

“He was going uncontrollably all over the road, [I] could tell nobody was at the wheel,” Garcia said.

Why a Man Was Fired From His Job After He Saved a Life

Luckily, Anthony is quick on his feet and had a solution to the dangerous situation up his sleeve. He used his truck to pin the car and the out of control driver to the wall so that it couldn’t move anymore.

Just like that, the situation was under control. Antony waited for backup help, relieved that the lives of surrounding drivers were out of danger. 

Once the situation was resolved, Anthony Garcia thought that he would be thanked by his employer. Instead, he was fired.

The employer stated that Garcia had failed to meet work standards. Even worse, they stated that he had used deadly force, which made him ineligible for unemployment benefits.

Egregiously, he would also be forced to pay any benefits he had received back. Anthony was disappointed and shocked. But mostly, he was puzzled. “It’s just really weird they would fire me for that,” he said.

How One Man Proved the Importance of Doing the Right Thing

Luckily for Garcia, the local Fire Department, who had also been on the scene, recognized his heroism. They nominated him for the Citizens Heroism Award, and he won!

“If this courageous freeway service patrolman did not leap into action like he did there may have been a very bloody Friday morning,” the leaders of the Fire Department said.

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Anthony doesn’t regret his actions. He is confident that he can get another job relatively easily, but the lives that would have been lost if he hadn’t sprung into action would never have been recovered. 

Obviously, rules exist for a reason and should be taken into consideration when we make decisions. However, it is also clear that doing the right thing is always more important than following the rules.

This has been true throughout history, and continues to be true today. Anthony Garcia’s brave acts prove that the right thing will always be recognized and rewarded.