We can’t always understand or explain the hatred going on in the world. In the past months, several incidents of unjustified, racist attacks against black people occurred in America have alerted people to issues of racial discrimination and social justice.

When rapper Glo Mula found himself to be a victim of such an attack, he decided to turn a terrifying situation into something positive.

A disturbing confrontation

The rapper was confronted with a woman, who hurled a series of insults at him, some of them racially charged. He captured the interaction on video.

Wanting to avoid harm, Mula said “let me get back in my car, bro” to which she nonsensically responded, “Mafia it’s called the military of the United States of America, you’re black.”

She then repeated it yet again: “You’re black.” Mula continued to refuse to engage.

But insults were not the only things she threw at him

The woman, who was not in a right state of mind, was also carrying a puppy.

As with the case of a man who now has a new puppy – and it happened following a really ugly moment where that same puppy was hauled at the man, Glo Mula, who happens to be a well-known rapper.

Things escalated from there, as Mula tried to figure out what her deal was. She then spits on the ground, before getting closer to his face. Eventually, she got physically violent, even attempting to punch and kick the rapper!

That’s when Mula grew concerned for the puppy. He asked if it even belonged to her, and she threw the dog at him with no warning. The dog literally flew through the air before bouncing off Mula and then falling to the ground and crying in pain.

The puppy then ran to Mula for help, instinctively seeking safety between his legs.

He decided to save the puppy


The woman did leave at that point, but then returned to say she had mental health issues and accused him of stealing her dog. Mula, however, had it all on video and has since taken the puppy in and named it Movie.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog’. Glo Mula has set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who would like to donate towards the dog’s care.

Despite going through something traumatic, Mula decided to save Movie from a dire and vulnerable position and offer him a new home, giving a good ending to an ugly confrontation.

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