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At 280 Lbs, She Kept Gaining Weight Through Yo-Yo Diets, Today, She's A Personal Trainer
Marnie's weight loss
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At 280 Lbs, She Kept Gaining Weight Through Yo-Yo Diets, Today, She's A Personal Trainer

A mother of four young children in Scotland struggled with her weight for years until she came across an Instagram post that changed her mindset-- and her life. 

A life of yo-yo dieting

Marnie McBride was 22 years old when she welcomed twins -- a blessing that changed her body forever. After becoming a mother of four, Marnie found herself a size 20, and at a high weight of almost 280 lbs. It was then that she decided she needed a change. 

With little education in nutrition and no love lost for the gym, Marnie had many false starts over the next nine years. She yo-yo dieted, trying every crash diet in the market and getting nowhere. In fact, she gained upwards of 50 lbs and felt lost.

A life-changing post

As fate would have it, Marnie stumbled upon a before-and-after Instagram post from Jason Munro, founder of the Munro Method. The Munro Method promised sustainable results thanks to education and mindful eating. There would be no overnight results and no rapid weight loss. Instead, there would be continuous education, one-on-one support, and mental health check-ins. Jason was offering Marnie the tools she needed to build her dream body. She took the tools and built her dream body, but she didn’t stop there. She built her dream life. 

From couch potato to gym rat

Slowly and steadily, Marnie worked with Jason’s Munro method to lose over 100 lbs. As someone who used to beat herself up and feel depressed about what others thought about her, Marnie learned that fitness is more than just skin deep. Her fitness journey increased her confidence, and showed her that she could accomplish anything if only she put her mind to it. 

“Consistency...That is what matters. I saw it all the time but it’s true. Changing your body, it’s not quick or pretty but it’s worth it.” 

- Marnie McBride

Do what you love, love what you do

After her success with the Munro Method, Marnie decided to devote her life to helping others find love for themselves the same way she did. She worked hard and became a personal trainer herself. 

Marnie’s story shows that in all areas of life, slow and steady wins the race. There is no magic pill that will change your life. You have to have discipline, be consistent, and above all, show yourself compassion and love, in order to achieve your goals and live your best life.

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